Guidelines for a Self-Guided Tour

  • Teachers are encouraged to visit any exhibition that they plan to present to students.
  • Preview the exhibition with students. Sharing images and information with students before the Museum visit will make the experience more meaningful.
  • A chaperone of one per 10 students is required and must stay with the group(s). Chaperones must understand that their job is to assist students. This means knowing where their group is at all times and monitoring the behavior of their group.
  • Exploring a gallery means individual choice in terms of which artworks the students choose to study – not free form wandering. If possible, prepare a tour using the available teacher packet, or assign a task. Clipboards and pencils are required for any written assignments.
  • Student groups are required to maintain the same Museum and school behavior standards expected of any group visiting the Museum.
    • We ask that you do not touch any of the artworks – even the smallest amount of oil from the skin can damage the surface over time. Please go over this policy with your students before you visit.
    • Backpacks or large purses/bags are not allowed in the galleries. There is a coatroom where students may leave these items.
    • No food, water or gum allowed in the galleries.
    • Photography without flash is permitted in designated galleries and for works from the museum’s permanent collections.
  • A security guard is present to protect the artwork and ensure the safety of Museum visitors. If necessary, the guard will ask teachers/chaperones to supervise students more closely. If a second warning is required, the student (s) may be asked to return to the foyer until their class is ready to leave the Museum.
  • Teachers who guide students, or provide self-guided activities for students, should copy this information for adult chaperones to read before visiting the Museum.

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