Point of View

On permanent view

Landing to the second floor

point of view \ˈpȯint\ ˈəv \ˈvyü\ noun (pl) points of view
1: a particular attitude or way of considering a matter
2: a position from which someone or something is observed

In this ongoing exhibition series, we invite members of the Willamette community to share their experience or interpretation of a work of art from the perspective of their area of expertise, study, or research. Each semester we will offer a new work, and a new "point of view."

Current Exhibition


Dr. Catherine Lee, Artist Associate of oboe at Willamette University, shares her music to explore Constance Fowler’s painting Tidal Drift (ca. 1960). In Alluvium (2016) for oboe d’amore and electronics, written for her by composer Taylor Brook, Lee invites us to enter a world created by microtonal drift, an experience she finds echoed in Fowler’s painting. 



Past Exhibitions


In this Point of View exhibition, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Willamette University Xijuan Zhou explored a Neolithic Period painted pot from China that is part of the museum’s permanent collection.


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This exhibition featured an installation of two Roman coins from the Hallie Ford Museum of Art's collection of ancient art, featuring an elemental analysis of the coins by Graham Goodwin, archaeology, class of 2015.


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The inaugural installation, focused on a body mask from the Asmat people of southwest New Guinea, with commentary by Bobby Brewer-Wallin, Associate Professor of Theatre / Costume Design at Willamette University.



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