"Point of View"

March 12 – August 23, 2015

Landing to the second floor, Hallie Ford Museum of Art

point of view \ˈpȯint\ ˈəv \ˈvyü\ noun (pl) points of view
1: a particular attitude or way of considering a matter
2: a position from which someone or something is observed

In this exhibition series, we invite members of the Willamette community to share their experience or interpretation of a work of art from the perspective of their area of expertise, study, or research. Each semester we will offer a new work, and a new "point of view."

On view through Summer 2015 is an installation of two Roman coins from the Hallie Ford Museum of Art's collection of ancient art, featuring an elemental analysis of the coins by Graham Goodwin, archaeology, class of 2015.

Visit this mini exhibition and learn how Goodwin used a portable X-Ray Fluorescence machine to redefine the museum's understanding of an ancient coin.


Brass dupondius of Trajan.
Roman, 98-117 CE. Gift of James and Aneta McIntyre, 2006.010.035.
Before analysis this coin was thought to be made of bronze.


Bronze sestertius of Philip I (the Arab).
Roman, ca. 244-249 CE. Gift of James and Aneta McIntyre, 2006.010.058.

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