• Image of Ortwin Knorr

    Ortwin Knorr

    Classics; CASA Director 2010-present (Interim CASA Director 2006-2007), (Greek and Roman literature, especially Roman comedy and satire)
    Eaton 306

Senior Research Fellow

  • Image of Lane C. McGaughy

    Lane C. McGaughy

    Religious Studies, emeritus; CASA Director 2007 – 2009; CASA Senior Research Fellow 2009-present, (New Testament; Hellenistic mystery religions; Herodotus; Greek grammar)

Core Faculty Members

Additional Faculty Members with Teaching Interests in the Ancient World

Faculty Emeriti

  • Image of David W. McCreery

    David W. McCreery

    Religious Studies and Archaeology; Recipient of the Archaeological Institute of America's 2002 National Award for Excellency in Undergraduate Teaching (Syro-Palestinian archaeology; ancient Hebrew)


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