• Image of  Josh Baker

    Josh Baker

    "I wanted to be a fellow to be able to give back by helping students who are feeling out of place know they belong and have someone they can ask questions."
  • Image of  Erin Casini

    Erin Casini

    "I found it super helpful and beneficial to have someone to lean on who understood what I was going through. I wanted to positively contribute to our community and help others have a successful first year."
  • Image of Rodrigo Fernandez-Ortega

    Rodrigo Fernandez-Ortega

    "I wanted to be a Fellow because I think it would be helpful to provide information about the school and the program to incoming students in order to ease their transition into law school."
  • Image of Cole Edwards

    Cole Edwards

    "I wanted to be a Fellow so I could help new students transition into law school as easy as possible."
  • Image of Teddy Krolczyk

    Teddy Krolczyk

    "I wanted to be a fellow because I wanted to provide a safe space for incoming law students and help make law school a less scary place. It can be a really hard adjustment and having a strong support system is so important. It's really rewarding to contribute to creating that space for students."

  • Image of Faith O'Malley

    Faith O'Malley

    "Being a Resident Advisor in undergrad was one of my favorite jobs I've ever had and I think being a Fellow is the law school equivalent of being an RA. Fellows get to build relationships and community with their group and also share all of the resources that Willamette has to offer."
  • Image of Leo Ortega

    Leo Ortega

    "I saw similarities between this position and the Resident Advisor position I had in undergrad. I enjoy offering people advice for transitional periods that I have already gone through. Seeing people excel and overcome challenges brings me a lot of satisfaction."
  • Image of Jane-Claire Skamser

    Jane-Claire Skamser

    "I became a Fellow because I believe that I can be a great mentor to the variety of individuals draw to this profession. During the inevitable moments of double in the first year, I hope to provide support by being there for my group: by listening, by imparting lessons I've learned, and by relating experiences all 1Ls go through. Ultimately, it's my genuine hope that I can make a positive impact on another's time here."
  • Image of April Robinson

    April Robinson

    "I became a Fellow to feel connected to all of our new students! But I also hope to play a positive role in their transition to law school by sharing hard-fought wisdom with the intent to minimize our human tendency to learn lives lessons 'the hard way'."

  • Image of Brooke Trujillo

    Brooke Trujillo

    "As a person of color, I want to be an asset and help other incoming BIPOC students navigate law school."
  • Image of Doug Valladares

    Doug Valladares

  • Image of Austin Willhoft

    Austin Willhoft

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