• Image of Emily Almeida

    Emily Almeida

    "I became a Fellow because I was inspired my Fellow my 1L year! She was a huge help in easing the transition into law school, and she was always available to chat or answer whatever questions I had. When it came time to submit AEF applications, I knew that I wanted to give that experience to other students. I truly don’t think I would be as happy at Willamette Law as I am today if it weren’t for my AEF, and I look forward to helping the incoming class of 2026 feel just as welcome!"
  • Image of  Josh Baker

    Josh Baker

    "I wanted to be a fellow to be able to give back by helping students who are feeling out of place know they belong and have someone they can ask questions."
  • Image of Noah Baslaw

    Noah Baslaw

    "I am a fellow because I want to help new 1Ls do the best and feel the best that they can during this tough road ahead. In order to be the best Fellow I can be, I will listen to new 1Ls and connect with how they feel. I will use my experience from last year to help guide 1Ls to manage the work load, their own wellbeing and expectations, and the initial struggle in learning the unique language of law. I am honored to have this opportunity to help guide new 1L students gain the sense of direction, confidence, and professionalism that will ease their transition into being a law student and beyond. I am also looking forward to sharing many laughs with the incoming class of 2026. Lastly, I hope to demonstrate to new 1Ls that, no matter who you are, with enough determination, you can find success here at Willamette University College of Law. For those incoming 1Ls reading this, you already have much to be proud of, and I am greatly looking forward to meeting you all."
  • Image of  Erin Casini

    Erin Casini

    "I am a fellow because I found it super helpful and beneficial to have someone to lean on who understood what I was going through my 1L Year. I want to try to positively contribute to our community and help others have a successful first year."
  • Image of Carly Dederick

    Carly Dederick

    "I am a fellow because of the opportunity to see law school through a brand-new set of eyes. Being able to help incoming students navigate each emotion, assuring them they have a seat at the table, and being a constant, dependable person for them to connect with and talk to is something I see so much value in as a person and a community member at Willamette. I was scared, nervous, excited, and every other adjective you could think of to start law school last year but my fellow helped me see that I belonged, was capable, and deserved to be here. I hope to do the same for the incoming class of 2026!"
  • Image of Ryan Donovan

    Ryan Donovan

    "Having personally experienced the overwhelming and daunting nature of law school as a 1L, I want to give back to the Willamette Law community by helping new members of that community navigate the challenges they will face throughout their 1L year."
  • Image of Madison King

    Madison King

    "I am a fellow because during my 1L year, I experienced and witnessed a lot of the daunting and overwhelming feelings that come along with entering this new era of life. I know that when there's change it can be hard and 1L year is FULL of change. My fellow last year was amazing and he was an amazing resource to me throughout the year and still today. Because of my amazing experience with my fellow, it made me want to give back to the incoming 1Ls so that they know their feelings are valid and are a lot more common than they may think. Overall, I want to help make law school as comfortable and exciting as possible."
  • Image of Selamab Gizaw

    Selamab Gizaw

    "I wanted to become a fellow because my fellow was an awesome person to have as a resource, and quite honestly, someone to simply chat and share my law school worries with, especially in the beginning. The first year of Law School can be overwhelming and having an individual that has recently gone through the process of it is a great resource to have. My fellow was super kind and encouraging, and I hope to be the same for the incoming 1L class."
  • Image of Austin Willhoft

    Austin Willhoft

    "Becoming a fellow is important to me because I am big about giving back to the community. Since being admitted to Willamette, the law school and legal community have helped me grown immensely in both a personal and professional way. As a fellow, I want to assist 1L students on navigating the ups' and downs' of law school."
  • Image of Spencer Wollan

    Spencer Wollan

    "I'm a fellow because it helps me appreciate the real value in being supported by my community. I want the incoming students to know that there is no “one type” of person that can succeed in law school, and I love that we all get to ride the highs and lows of this journey together!"
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