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Certificate in Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

Students will be required to complete a total of 14 hours in the program courses in addition to completion of a capstone requirement. Students can complete a capstone requirement in one of two ways: (1) complete the Graduation writing Requirement (GWR) in a course that is both certificate-approved and GWR-approved; or (2) complete an experiential learning course that is both certificate-approved and experiential-learning approved. A course's eligibility for these capstone requirements will be listed in the registration materials 

Illustrative Certificate Courses

LAW 372 International Litigation & Arbitration
LAW 3020 Deals
LAW 321 Civil Trial Practice 
LAW 366 Will & Trust Drafting 
LAW 374 Pre-Trial Civil Litigation
LAW 398 Deposition Skills Training 
LAW 480 Externship 
LAW 619 Mediation & Mediation Advocacy 
LAW 633 Contract Drafting 
LAW 239 Arbitration: Theory & Practice
LAW 278 Negotiation
LAW 283 Practical Writing for Lawyers
LAW 3016 Business Negotiations
LAW 3018 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW 395 Oregon Family Law Practice 
LAW 404 National Appellate Competition
LAW 409 Spaulding Trial Competition
LAW 415 International Law Moot Court 
LAW 416 International Law Moot Court Competition
LAW 418 AAJ Trial Competition
LAW 422 Negotiation Competition 
LAW 425 Open Appellate Competition
LAW 426 Don Turner Criminal Trial Competition
LAW 472 Regional/National Competition
LAW 637 Setting Up A Law Practice 
LAW 764 Business Skills: Acct/Finance
Willamette University

Law Certificate Programs

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