The health law certificate program will enhance and solidify students’ understanding of both the public and private health care industries and the laws, federal, state and local, involved in this arena.

Students in the program will learn about private and public practice in these areas and current policy debates. Students will learn how to make, modify and influence public law and policy in health care.

Students in the program will develop knowledge of:

  • The American healthcare system;
  • The inherent conflicts that govern and run the healthcare industry;
  • How to identify the inherent risks that the statutes, rules and regulations, both federal and state, present to the practitioner;
  • How to deal with the issues of creating arrangements that are not compliant;
  • How contracting in the health care sphere is affected by regulations on all levels;
  • The constitutional history of the multitude of decisions that affect modern healthcare; and
  • Comparative systems of health care and how much care is delivered in other countries.

In addition, students in the health law program will demonstrate mastery of a discrete legal subject within the area of health law by writing a 20-page research paper under the supervision of a full-time faculty member in a seminar or independent study.

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