Program Requirements

Students will be required to complete a total of 14 hours in the program courses in addition to completion of a capstone requirement. Students can complete a capstone requirement in one of two ways: (1) complete the Graduation writing Requirement (GWR) in a course that is both certificate-approved and GWR-approved; or (2) complete an experiential learning course that is both certificate-approved and experiential-learning approved. A course's eligibility for these capstone requirements will be listed in the registration materials 

Illustrative Certificate Courses

LAW 219 Cannabis Law
LAW 225 Employment Law
LAW 231 Civil Rights Litigation
LAW 248 Health Care Law & Policy
LAW 255 Administrative Law
LAW 257 Science, Technology & the Law
LAW 268 Health Law & Policy II
LAW 270 Medical Malpractice
LAW 273 Employee Benefits
LAW 394 The Law of Biomedical Research
LAW 397 Public Health Law
LAW 397A Public Health Law: Legal Implications of The Covid-19 Pandemic
LAW 218 Insurance Law
LAW 220 Accounting for Lawyers
LAW 233 Disability Law
LAW 237 Native American Law
LAW 268 HealthcareLaw: The Affordable Care Act
LAW 3014 Health Care Transactions
LAW 314 Antitrust Law 







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