All second and third year Willamette law students are eligible to participate in the Summer Edit-On Competition.

Entry Numbers

To preserve anonymity, staff in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will assign anonymous numbers for eligible candidates. Final memorandums and citation exercises must be identified solely by entry number.


OSA must receive your memorandum by the posted deadline. You may send it by email, fax, or drop it off in person to Student Services.




  • Fax to the Office of Student Affairs(OSA) at (503) 370-6375.


The primary criteria for all membership positions will be the quality of edits as represented by your final product. The focus will be on the clarity of writing, grammar, and the proper form of 21st Edition Harvard BlueBook citations.

Honor Code

All work must be completed pursuant to the Willamette University College of Law’s Honor Code. You may not collaborate with other students or discuss the topic with faculty members, friends, etc. Your entry is a representation of you and thus it is inappropriate to research and/ or conference with others about your entry.



Citations should follow the 21st Edition of the Harvard BlueBook. Harvard Bluebooks are available for reference within the Willamette Law Library or you may purchase them at the Willamette Bookstore.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact WJILDR's by email: intl-law-journal@willamette.edu.

Membership notification will occur in July.

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