What is the Journal?

WJILDR is a student-edited specialty law journal, originally dedicated to exploring provocative international legal issues. In 1995, the Journal expanded its focus to include dispute resolution. To date, the Journal has published on topics ranging from the global effects of e-commerce to the role of religion in international law. Our authors have included law professors, an Oxford Don, a state Attorney General, a state supreme court Chief Justice, a U.S. senator and a former President of the International Court of Justice.

Who are the current members?

Journal members are a mix of Willamette law students interested in international law, dispute resolution, and legal academia. We are dedicated to producing topical, quality scholarly work with every issue, but at the same time we aim to have fun with our work.

We currently have a staff of 20+ members, each of which have undergone a rigorous selection process. We encourage all interested Willamette students to pursue Journal membership, or even seek publication in an upcoming volume.

How do I become a member?

The Journal seeks motivated and qualified students for membership. In order to maintain a staff sharing a common dedication scholarly research, writing, and publication skills, admission to the Journal is by invitation only. To date, there are three ways to earn an invitation.

First Year Appellate Brief

First year students are encouraged to submit a copy of his/her brief to the Journal as an application for membership, usually in early May. The Executive Board will review each anonymous submission for proper form, research, writing, and legal analysis. Each brief is scored and ranked according to citation accuracy, writing style, spelling, grammar, legal analysis, and more. Invitations via this method are generally issued in June, prior to the Summer Write-On Competition.

Summer Write-on Competition

Once the First Year Appellate Brief application process is completed, both first and second year students are invited to participate in a closed universe memo competition. This competition usually takes place over a two week period in late July, and follows the same selection process that is used in the Appellate Brief competition. Invitations are usually issued in August.

Publishable Quality Submission

Any Willamette student who submits an article that is accepted by the Journal for publication or is deemed of publishable quality may apply for membership. The application for admission should be a statement of interest, not more than one typed page, including why the student is interested in the Journal and any other information the Editorial Board deems relevant. Both the article and interest statement should be submitted to the Executive Editorial Board for consideration, and review will take place on a rolling basis. The executive editorial board will approve, deny, or defer admission by majority vote and issue an invitation for membership accordingly.

What are some benefits to membership?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of a scholarly journal while in law school. Some examples are listed below.


  • Editing skills, and careful training in the Harvard Blue Book Citation Style
  • Learning about issues in International Law & Dispute Resolution
  • Working first-hand on cutting edge legal issues
  • Discussing scholarly material with colleagues
  • The opportunity to be published in an internationally recognized journal
  • Academic credit for your work


Journal membership displays the following characteristics to employers:

  • Cogent legal writing skills
  • Top-notch legal research skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership abilities
  • Knowledge of legal citation format
  • Interest in advanced legal studies

Specifically in the case of WJILDR, former editors have impressed employers enough to achieve local firm, federal district court and international law firm clerkships. Further, with their expanding role in the global economy, Pacific Northwest employers are impressed with international law journal experience and have hired many past members as associates.

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