Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that will help you organize, analyze and communicate data and information.  Excel is a very important and widely used tool in organizations of all types. It will also be used in your MBA courses at Willamette.

We have purchased each member of the incoming class an online Excel tutorial package developed by iactonline.  You will have access to this excellent tutorial for two years. During these two years you can use the tutorial to develop and review basic Excel components and develop advanced Excel skills such as dashboards, pivot tables, macros, etc.  

Assignment: Pass the Excel Foundations and Module 1 by August 1st.

Step 1: Plan Ahead! This assignment could take a couple of hours to complete, depending on your level of experience with Excel.  

Step 2: Use Chrome or Firefox for your browser.

Step 3: Create Your Account.   Check your email from Alex Subert to access the link to the site, or email Alex  and ask for the link. For security reasons, we cannot list the link on an open web page. 
* Access the site via the link provided by Betsy
* Click “Continue” to go to the “Create Your Account” page.
* After you “Create Your Account,” click “Continue" to go to your “MY COURSES” page.

(Important: when you return to the site after your account is set up, click the Back button instead of the Continue button to access your log-in page. Otherwise it will start a new account for you.) 

After initial registration

When your people want to LOG IN, they simply go to: and enter their email and password. It can be handy to save this to their desktop.

Recommended learning approach for Users
People can choose to either take quizzes to start building their score, or can start watching the lessons. We recommend the following approach:

1)      Start with Excel Foundations and go to Module 1: Excel Functions

2)      Click ‘Take Assessment’ and complete the short quiz

  1. If you score 100% then proceed to the next quiz
  2. If you score <100% then start watching the lessons
  3. After watching, re-take the quiz to see your knowledge increase
  4. Move on to the next Assessment and repeat the process

  When watching the lessons, we recommend:

1)      Set aside some time for learning

2)      Download the practice file for that lesson

3)      Watch the lesson and practice using the downloaded file. Some people find it handy to split their screen half shows the lesson, half has the practice file open

4)      Take you time to watch each lesson to the end

5)      Take the assessment to check your understanding

Key points

- To watch the videos requires access to the internet.

- The system remembers progress, so people can log in using different PCs.

- People can play, pause and re-watch the videos, and the assessmenets, unlimited times.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

If you passed the foundations pre-test and module 1, functions, you are finished with the assignment. I will be checking the administrative system for completion rates and updates.


As always, email us if you have questions or have problems on the site!


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