Lenten Reflection Series 2022

Contact: Kimberly E Griggs

Ineda P. Adesanya, the University Chaplain, offers a Lenten Reflection.

Dear Friends,

Back in 2013, it was difficult for me to determine what I could sacrifice for the season of Lent. I wanted to choose something that would be truly meaningful and with which I would have some amount of struggle. I had already adopted a new eating lifestyle, so giving up a particular food was not going to work that year. After significant prayer and discernment, I decided to work on an area of great challenge....timely follow through! Yes, I struggled with procrastination and with taking on too many tasks at the same time. So for forty days and nights, I committed to not taking on any new tasks, diligently completing all outstanding tasks, yet with the steady pacing of an East African runner. I later came across the following poem during my studies. It was written between 1909-1910 by W.E.B. Du Bois. It served as an affirmation for me at that time and I pray that it will provide some encouragement for you.

"A Prayer for Endurance" (1909-1910)

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

“In the midst of life and deeds it is easy to have endurance and strength and determination, by Thy Word, O Lord, teaches us, that this is not enough to bring good to the world--to bring happiness and the worthier success. For this we must endure to the end--learn to finish things--to bring them to accomplishment and full fruition. We must not be content with plans, ambitions and resolves; with part of a message or part of an education, but be set and determined to fulfill the promise and complete the task and secure the full training. Such men and women alone does God save by lifting them above and raising them to higher worlds and wider prospects. Give us then, O God, to resist today the temptation of shirking, and the grit to endure to the end. Amen”

Please be reminded that it is my hope to collect 40 Lenten Reflections from various WU community members to share each day with our Willamette community. I am looking for short reflections that can be inspiring, encouraging, or thought-provoking reflections pertaining to ethical, spiritual or religious life. You do not have to be religiously or spiritually affiliated to submit. With an eye for fit and flow, I will review and place each submission. If you are interested in contributing, please upload a short reflection using the below link.

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