Things to know

Don Thomson, new Associate Dean for Health and Well-being

Don Thompson has been promoted to a new position.

Lisa M Landreman

Versatility, freedom define low residency writing program

In PNCA's creative writing MFA, working adults balance life with art.

Jennifer Johnson

Buy, sell or find items on The Willamette Switchboard

Check out the university’s social networking site for new rentals, jobs or items for sale.

Tiffany Newton

Willamette Academy awarded a Trail Blazers Foundation grant

The award will support historically underrepresented middle and high school students.

Erin Boers

Bonnet, Riggs spend summer working as river guides in Idaho

Student-athletes Claire Bonnet '23 and Sami Riggs '23 worked as river guides this summer.

Robert A McKinney

Apply to be a mentor for first-gen, scholars of color

We're looking for professional staff to serve as mentors for Ohana Program students.

Olivia Munoz

Meet Bon Appetit's new general manager

Welcome new Bon Appetit General Manager, Eric Thomas.

Samantha S Bruce

Willamette Store bookstore is under new ownership

The Willamette Store is under new management.

Jennifer Mathany

New employees

  • Gilbert Park: Assistant Professor of Finance - Atkinson Instructional
  • Alex Standen: Visiting Assistant Professor, Environmental Humanities - Civic Communication and Media
  • Annette Hulbert: Visiting Assistant Professor, English - English
  • Sara Atwood: Adjunct Faculty in Liberal Arts - Liberal Arts
  • May Maylisa Cat: Faculty-Adjunct - Foundation
  • Eric Tojimbara: Adjunct Faculty in Liberal Arts - Liberal Arts
  • Melissa Delzio: Adjunct Faculty in Liberal Arts - Liberal Arts
  • Milo Muise: Adjunct Faculty in Liberal Arts - Liberal Arts
  • Chuck Lukacs: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Illustration
  • Nicole Stafford: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Animated Arts
  • Sarah Hickey: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Animated Arts
  • Teresa Hernandez: Assistant Professor of English - English
  • Nicholas Bredie: Adjunct Instructor, CAS - English
  • Mary Follo: Adjunct Instructor, CAS - Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics
  • Jason Glasnapp: Visiting Assistant Professor of Exercise and Health Science - Exercise and Health Science
  • Master Artist Michael Stevenson: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Foundation
  • Geoff Ball: Institutional Research Analyst - Institutional Research
  • Robert Ribera: Adjunct Faculty in Liberal Arts - Liberal Arts
  • Cody Williams: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Foundation
  • Erika Rier: BFA Illustration Faculty - Illustration
  • Daniel Kotin: Adjunct Instructor, CAS - History
  • Brian Twenter: Visiting Assistant Professor, Native American Studies - Global Cultural Studies
  • Alexander Mozell: Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics - Economics
  • Jacob Cowdin: Part-time adjunct BFA Illustration - Illustration
  • Lauren French: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Graphic Design
  • Joellen Sweeney: Adjunct Instructor, CAS - Theatre
  • Jeremy Davis: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - General Fine Arts
  • Steve Marotta: Adjunct Instructor, Critical Studies - Critical Studies
  • Maguelonne Ival: Adjunct Instructor, French - Global Cultural Studies
  • Anna Song: Associate Professor of Music & Director of Choral Activities - Music Instruction
  • Alejandra Marks: Adjunct Instructor, CAS - Spanish
  • Rabbit Friedrich: Adjunct Faculty in Applied Craft + Design - Applied Craft & Design
  • Kristen Klay: Visiting Assistant Professor - German - German
  • Katherine Spinella: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Foundation
  • Colin Birkhead: Assistant Professor of Management - Atkinson Instructional
  • Olga Walmisley-Santiago: Visiting Instructor, Spanish - Spanish
  • Jennifer Rabin: Adjunct Instructor, PNCA - Critical Studies
  • Justine Nakase: Adjunct Instructor, Critical Studies - Critical Studies
  • Guicela Barros Caqui: Spanish Language Assistant - Spanish
  • Alexandria Alveshere: Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry - Chemistry
  • Aaron Landtree: Faculty-Adjunct - Foundation
  • Ranran Fan: Visiting Assistant Professor, Studio Art - Studio Art
  • Neal Sleszynski: Visiting Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry - Chemistry
  • Jason Henry: Adjunct Instructor, CAS - Environmental Science
  • M Powell: Area Coordinator for Arthouse - Residence Life and Housing
  • Naoko Warren: Instructor of Japanese Language - Japanese
  • Nicole Iroz-Elardo: Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health, Ethics, Advocacy and Leadership - Public Health Ethics, Advocacy and Leadership
  • Larry Wray: Mark & Melody Teppola Presidential Distinguished Visiting Professor - Economics

Job postings (08/10/2022 - 08/17/2022)

Staff positions:

  • Youth with Incarcerated Parents Program Director
  • Facilities Services Event Support Technician
  • Event Support Lead
  • Technology Support Staff/AV Technician
  • Thesis Department Assistant

A complete list of job postings is available by logging into Workday and visiting the Career worklet. Apply on WorkDay

Things to do

August 17, 2022

Orientation for First Year Law Students

All Day
WU Campus, Salem

College of Law (AC)

August 18, 2022

Summer Weekly Meditation

3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Cone Chapel - Waller Hall

Spiritual Life

Orientation for First Year Law Students

All Day
WU Campus, Salem

College of Law (AC)


David Roberts: Artist and Traveler | June 4 - August 27

Scottish, 1796-1864
Melvin Henderson-Rubio Gallery, Hallie Ford Museum of Art

Arts, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, General

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