New to-go option in Goudy Commons

Contact: Lisa M Landreman

Reusable to-go box containers will be introduced to Goudy Commons in the coming months.

As shared in an earlier message in Today @Willamette, to-go boxes were implemented for needed COVID restrictions despite the all-inclusive in-person dining model that began in Fall 2020.

In addition to being a better value for diners, this model supports Bon Appetit’s low carbon lifestyle by reducing single use paper and plastic while following companywide commitments aimed at reducing climate impact. Our goal is aimed to have a long-term, sustained way of living for the foreseeable future and continue our dedication to reducing the climate-changing impacts of our food choices.

The Willamette community spoke about the desire for more robust to-go options, and we have listened! In addition to the to-go options offered through the GET app, the Blitz Market meal equivalency, and Rick’s Cafe, we have implemented a short-term solution and a longer term plan for take away food in Goudy.

New to-go option

One box, one soup cup, and one drink cup per meal swipe will now be available upon request from the cashier at the time of entry. This option is for a meal to be taken to go, not as an additional meal after eating in Goudy or for leftover food. Dishware will not be provided. Diners who take to-go boxes cannot eat that meal in the dining area. If you wish to have more than what your box will hold, we invite you to enjoy the all-inclusive model for in-person dining.

Health codes restrict the ability for outside containers to be used in Goudy.                                    

Reusable containers next semester

Starting January 2023 Bon Appetit will introduce a reusable container program to eliminate the paper waste and better meet the sustainability goals of Willamette University and Bon Appetit. Sustainable containers will be provided from the cashier for a nominal fee using cash, credit or flex points. Diners can then bring a rinsed container back and exchange for a clean one for their next to-go meal. This option will be available for to-go meals only and not for those dining in to take home leftovers. Since beginning this program in 2007, Bon Appetit has reduced the equivalent of approximately five million pounds of carbon dioxide a month.

Quieter dining options

For diners seeking a smaller, quieter place to eat away from the bustle of the dining room, two rooms divided by a partition, the Chloe Clarke Willson Room and the Gustavus Hines Room (referred to as the Willson-Hines Room) are available. When exiting the servery and before entering the dining room, turn to the left and head down the corridor and to the right are the two available rooms. We ask that those who chose this location be mindful of this being designed for quieter dining.

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