Reusable to-go containers are now available at Goudy

Contact: Nicole Arreola-Canonica

New reusable to-go container program at Goudy.

We’re excited to introduce our new reusable to-go program at Goudy Commons starting today!

By making this very simple change we can limit the amount of plastic going to landfills, reduce the number of trees cut down from deforestation, and diminish the amount of oil used to produce and transport products that are only used once before being tossed away.

Here’s how it works:

Willamette students and faculty will be able to purchase containers from the Goudy cashier - and then can go through the lines to fill their box.

  • Right now we have a large 3-compartment square container available for purchase for $8.00.
  • Coming soon we will have a 9oz round container available for $5.00 at Rick's Café and Goudy
  • Empty containers will be returned to the cashier in Goudy and there you will have two options:
    • Receive a new clean box to use right away
    • Opt to receive a carabiner to exchange for a clean container at another time

A reminder that these reusable containers are a one-time purchase, so long as students and faculty continue to return the previous container.

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