Institutional Equity Annual Report and Climate Survey Update

Contact: Emilio A Solano

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This Office of Institutional Equity has released its first annual report for the 2022-23 academic year. This report intends to highlight the work that the office has been engaged in across the university. Admittedly, this report provides only a snapshot into the good work being done related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. There is much work across this university at the student, staff, and faculty levels that is not included but is equally engaged in programming and initiatives that contribute to the same DEI goals.

Please keep reading below for a few updates including the Campus Climate Survey and new initiatives for our collective work towards a more equitable institution.

Campus Climate Survey Update (All Community)

We received our campus climate survey data from the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) in August. In partnership with the Office of Institutional Research, we are currently in the process of analyzing the quantitative data to be placed in a report that will be shared with the university community. We expect this report to be released sometime this fall. The University DEI Committee will be involved in the roll out of upcoming programming in response to certain aspects of the campus climate survey aimed at engaging our community in ways that support the continuous cultivation of a positive campus environment.

Employee Resource Groups (Staff/Faculty)

We have a new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) policy that will be implemented this year. ERGs are employee-led voluntary groups that are intended to help foster a more equitable, inclusive, and supportive workplace experience. These intentional spaces for employees are generally organized around shared interests, identities, or backgrounds in an effort to enhance inclusive community engagement efforts, and assist in the recruitment and retention of a diverse community of employees.

Some examples of employee resource groups include LGBTQ+, employees of color, employees caring for elderly parents, early career professionals, etc. Funding for programming of these kinds of groups is available through the Office of Institutional Equity. You can visit the website linked above to learn more and complete an application.

Return on Inclusion (Athletics)

Throughout this academic year athletic coaches will participate in a program called Return on Inclusion. The program offers a sport-specific diversity and inclusion education platform dedicated to developing inclusive leaders and fostering a culture of belonging across social and cultural differences to help every coach and athletic administrator develop the skills and competencies necessary to support student-athletes and achieve inclusive excellence in programs, policies, and practices. Coaches will be engaged in six modules including Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Foundations; Cultural Competence & Managing Relationships; Overcoming Bias and Decoding Microaggressions; Unpacking Racism, Anti-Racism & Privilege; LGBTQ+ Inclusion & Gender Stereotypes; and Inclusive Leadership & Strategic Plan Development.

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