New Students

Accommodation Request Process

Accommodations exist in order to enable individuals with disabilities to have an equal opportunity to participate in their college experience. To register with AES and request disability-related accommodations, follow this process:

  1. Contact AES via phone (503-370-6737) or email ( to set up an appointment. 
  2. Register with Accessible Education Services (AES) by completing our online application via AIM, our information management system. Log into the application with your WU username and password. Follow these instructions to submit your application.
    • NOTE: Only admitted Willamette students with a Willamette network account can access this online application. Prospective students should contact AES directly.
    • When prompted for an email address, please enter your Willamette email address or you will not be able to use our online system in the future.
    • If you have your documentation in an electronic format, there will be a place where you can upload your documentation after submitting the application. NOTE: files over 1MB will need to either be condensed or split in order to be uploaded. You can choose to email your documentation if you have problems or prefer not to use the upload option.
  3. Come to your appointment to discuss your accommodations requests. Bring your documentation to this meeting if you have not already submitted it. The AES director may be able to determine your eligibility during the meeting. Otherwise, the director will contact you after the meeting with your eligibility determination.
  4. For CLA Students: Once you are determined eligible for academic accommodations*, CLA students must request the accommodation(s) you would like to use in each of your classes through our online portal. This must be done each semester. This request process generates a Faculty Notification Letter, a letter that AES will send to each of your professors outlining the approved accommodations that you want to use in their classes. When this letter is sent to your faculty, you will also receive a copy in your Willamette email.
  5. For AGSM and Law Students: Once you are determined eligible for academic accommodations, you will receive a letter from the AES office to deliver to the appropriate office at your school. This must be done each year you are attending school. At this time, we are not processing AGSM and Law school accommodation letters via our online portal.
  6. Make an appointment with each of your faculty members to discuss your accommodations with them.+
  7. Students with disabilities may request disability-related housing accommodations through the Office of Accessible Education Services. Please follow the Housing Accommodation Request Process when requesting disability-related housing accommodations. For more information about housing accommodations, including service animals and emotional support animals, visit our Accessible Housing Accommodations page.

*All academic accommodations should be requested prior to the start of the term or within the first few weeks. For accommodations such as books in electronic format, interpreters, or any situation that involves extra time to implement, students are to contact the Accessible Education Services office as soon as they have been admitted or, for returning students, once they have selected their classes for the next semester.

+Some students in the graduate programs request total confidentiality. In those cases, the liaison of the particular program and the Accessible Education Services office will facilitate the accommodations.

Notify the AES office as soon as possible if you experience any barriers to equal opportunity during the semester or if your accommodations are not working.