Each semester after registering for classes, you must request your accommodations by logging into AIM. Use your Willamette ID and Password to log into AIM via this link.

After logging in, make sure you are in the “My Dashboard” tab.

Scroll down to the section titled “Select Accommodations for Your Class” to find your current registered classes with Willamette. If you do not see a course you believe you are registered for, check the “Important Notes” in the yellow box above your classes. Please contact our office if you need assistance at (503)-370-6737.

Follow these three steps to request accommodations:

  1. Under “Step 1: Select Class(es),” select the classes for which you wish to use accommodations by checking each course’s corresponding box (see the screenshot above). Remember that accommodations may not be required for all classes, such as fitness classes.
  2. Click “Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations” to begin selecting accommodations for each class. If you have multiple accommodations available, they will all be displayed on this screen under each individual course you have selected (for example, in the screenshot below, the student is eligible for “Alternative Testing” and Notetaking Services." Please note:
      1. “Alternative Testing” will appear as one of your accommodations if you are eligible for one or more testing accommodations (e.g., 1.5x extra time, 2.0x extra time, calculator, use of computer, reduced distraction or private room, etc). Your specific testing accommodation(s) will be listed in your Faculty Notification Letter.
      2. Similarly, “Notetaking Services” will appear if you are eligible for one or more notetaking accommodations (e.g., Glean). Your Faculty Notification Letter will list your specific notetaking accommodation(s).
      3. All other accommodations will appear individually for selection.
      4. In some cases, customized accommodations will not be requestable and will automatically appear on the notification letter.

  3. When you have finished selecting your accommodations for each of your classes, click the “Submit Your Accommodation Requests” button at the bottom of the page. This will submit your request for accommodations to the AES office for approval. Once approved, AES will email your Faculty Notification Letter to both you and your professors. At that time, your accommodations for the current semester will be listed on the “My Dashboard” tab. 

If you have any difficulty with these steps or have questions, please contact AES by calling (503)-370- 6737, emailing accessible-info@willamette.edu, or visiting us in Smullin 155.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I view my accommodations prior to requesting them for my classes?

A: Yes! To check which accommodations you are eligible for, click on “My Eligibility” under My Dashboard. There, you will see each of the accommodations for which you are eligible. Remember: When you request your accommodations for each class, you will select “Alternative Testing” to receive all of your testing accommodations (e.g., the student below will select “Alternative Testing” to receive Extra Time 1.50x). Similarly, you will select “Notetaking Services” to receive all of your notetaking accommodations (e.g., the student below will select “Notetaking Services” to receive a “Notetaking” accommodation).

Q: I think I am eligible for an accommodation that is not listed under “My Eligibility.” What should I do?

A: If you believe that one or more of your accommodations is not appearing in “My Eligibility,” please contact our office at (503)-370-6737.

Q: None of my accommodations appear when I follow the steps to request them for my classes. What should I do?

A: Contact our office for help! Call us at (503)-370-6737 or email us at accessible-info@willamette.edu. You can also visit us in Smullin 155.

Q: What information is included in the Faculty Notification Letter?

A: The Faculty Notification Letter includes the specific accommodations that you are eligible to receive and instructions on how they may be implemented. It also describes the purpose of academic accommodations and includes a confidentiality notice.

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