Facilities Management Key Control Policy


To define the procedure for the handling of university keys, rekeys and lock change requests.  The intent is to have a process that documents and manages the assignment of keys, rekeys and lock changes by Facilities Management and the return of keys when they are no longer needed by university employees.  Maintaining security, access, and control to campus buildings and rooms is the objective.   


Requesting key(s)

  • A key request form is required to have a key made. The form is then submitted to Facilities Management. The key request form can be found on the Facilities webpage at: http://willamette.edu/offices/facilities/forms-and-workorders/key/index.html
  • The signature of a Vice President, College Dean or their approved designee is required on the form.
  • Facilities Management will review the request for approval.  This process encompasses evaluating the level of security of the key(s) being requested, why it is being requested and for whom it’s being requested. 
  • All approved keys must be picked up and signed for at the Facilities Management Office.  The person who the key is approved for must sign for it. You cannot sign for someone else’s keys without prior approval by the Director of Facilities. The Facilities Department will contact the key requestor when the key is ready to be picked up.
  • The key requestor will have 30 days to pick up keys after they’ve been notified they are available.  After 30 days the key(s) will be discarded.  A new request form will need to be processed and signed after the 30 day limit.
  • Broken keys must be returned to the Facilities Management office, in order to be issued a replacement key. There is no charge for a replacement key.
  • Broken keys not returned will be treated as a lost key.

Returning key(s)

  • The key holder must return keys to Facilities Management when it is determined they are no longer needed.  This includes departure from the university or relocation to a new area on campus.
  • Keys no longer needed are not be kept by departments or handed off to a new key holder.  They must be returned to Facilities Management to be checked in. Keys not returned will be considered lost or stolen and the responsible department will be charged for any rekeying that becomes necessary.
  • Keys being returned should be brought directly to Facilities Management.  They are not to be sent through the campus mail.

Special security keying and changes of keying

  • Special security locks and keys for areas of special consideration may be permitted with the approval of the Director of Facilities and the appropriate Department Head in consultation with the Lock Shop, Campus Safety.
  • No individual locks or non-university keys may be used for space control nor may locks be changed without the prior approval of the appropriate Vice President or Dean and the Director of Facilities. Unauthorized locks will be reported to the Facilities Management who will remove them in coordination with Campus Safety and the Vice President or Dean.
  • Areas approved for special locks or keys will not receive maintenance and custodial services, except through special arrangements with Facilities Management.

Lost or stolen key(s)

  • Lost or stolen keys must be reported to Campus Safety immediately.  Campus Safety will investigate all missing keys. The lost key form can be found on the Facilities webpage at: http://willamette.edu/offices/facilities/forms-and-workorders/key/index.html
  • In circumstances where a key has been lost, Campus Safety must sign the form, assigning it with an incident report number.   Campus Safety’s review of lost key(s) must occur before the key request form is given to Facilities Management. 
  • A key request form must be completed to acquire a replacement key(s).  A signature by the Department Head, area Vice President, and Campus Safety is required.
  • Facilities Management will determine if a particular key can be replaced as a single key, or if it falls in the category of where the re-keying of many rooms or the entire building is required. The cost of rekeying rooms or buildings will be passed on to the affected department.
  • Facilities Management will determine if a department should be charged in the replacement of lost/stolen keys or in the event of a rekey.
  • To maintain campus security, keys should not be loaned to unauthorized personnel or left unattended.  

Key Records

  • Key Wizard is a computer program in Facilities Management that tracks the assignment process of keys to employees and the return of keys. Key Wizard provides reports showing the employees who currently have keys checked out.  It also provides reports sorted by individual departments.
  • Facilities Management maintains an active key card file of employees who have keys checked out.  The card has the signature and date of the person who signed for the keys upon check out.
  • Once an employee departs from the university, key cards will be kept by Facilities Management for one fiscal year and then destroyed.
  • The Facilities Dept. maintains a key inventory of all active keys returned by current and past employees.  This inventory is designed to prevent the need to make a new key each time it may be needed.



Effective: 5/5/2017

Last Revision date:

Next Anticipated Review:

Responsible University Official: Gary Grimm, Associate Director of Facilities Management

Responsible Office: Facilities management Office

Primary Policy Contact: For questions and suggestions contact ggrimm@willamette.edu


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