Because each person is unique, with different needs and lifestyles, conflict may be inevitable when people live or work in close proximity and are interdependent on each other. We believe that the process of working through conflict with roommates and community members is an important part of the residential living experience — an opportunity to improve conflict resolution skills.

If you have a conflict with your roommate(s) or other community member(s) that you are unable to resolve, discuss your situation with a Resident Advisor. Your RA can help you develop a plan to address the problem or provide mediation. Usually, concerns can be successfully addressed through these methods. However, if after these efforts an assignment still isn't working, schedule an appointment with your Area Coordinator to discuss your situation. Requests to change rooms are honored if the residents' and staff's best efforts to resolve the conflict are unsuccessful and more suitable accommodations are available. Residents requesting a room change must receive approval from their Area Coordinator and complete the residential transfer process prior to moving.

Behavior which intimidates or interferes with the quiet enjoyment of the premises by others, specifically but not limited to behavior which attempts to force a roommate to move out of the room, or to prevent a new roommate from moving in, and behavior which is disruptive in dining areas, classrooms or any other residential/campus facility, is prohibited.

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