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Community Life

The campus living experience is an integral part of your education. In addition to providing comfortable and convenient housing, we offer a unique opportunity for you to be part of a community where students share a common bond of friendship and a desire to learn.

Within your community, you will have the opportunity to live with people from a number of different countries and a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. The diversity of our community enriches our classes, activities, programs and everyday interactions. Getting to know others in your community may be one of the most rewarding aspects of your college experience. We encourage you to become well acquainted with the people in your community and to make new and lasting friendships. Let others get to know you as well. Your active involvement and participation are essential for the community to grow and for positive relationships to develop.

The residential community at Willamette University consists of every member of every residence on campus. That community begins to develop from the day residences open in August. The direction your community takes depends largely on your involvement. Interaction is the largest factor in creating a supportive living environment — one that offers you support in achieving academic excellence, social maturity, self-reliance and an increased understanding of yourself and others.

Residential Communities

Immerse yourself in our unique living environments known as Themed Communities, where shared passions become the foundation for meaningful connections. These communities bring together individuals who share a common interest, whether it's sustainability, service learning, or any other passion. Here, you'll find more than just a residence; you'll discover a home where your hobbies and interests are celebrated, where collaboration thrives, and where lifelong friendships are forged. Dive into a space where your living experience aligns perfectly with your passions. We have four residential communities:

  • Outdoor Pursuits and Sustainability - First Year Students in Terra House in Matthews Community
    The residential community of Outdoor Pursuits and Sustainability allows students who are interested in these areas to live together in Terra (a part of Matthews Hall). The Resident Advisor will share opportunities through Outdoor Programs to allow students to get involved. Students living in the residential community can also initiate their own outdoor activities or sustainability initiatives by partnering with Matthews Hall Council and Residence Hall Association and the Outdoor Program (ODP).
  • Service Learning - First Year Students in Westwood Hall in BaxterCommunity
    The residential community of Service Learning allows students who are interested in being civically engaged in Salem, Oregon to live together in Westwood Hall, part of the Baxter Community. The Resident Advisor will share opportunities through the Office of Civic Engagement to allow students in the residential community to participate. Students in the residential community can also initiate their own service projects through the Office of Civic Engagement or partner with Baxter Hall Council and Residence Hall Association to sponsor ongoing community engagement.
  • Lavender Community - First Year Students and Returning Students 3rd floor A Wing, Kaneko Commons

    The Gender Resource and Advocacy Center is excited to partner with Residence Life and Housing on this new addition to residence halls! We are happy to invite incoming LGBTQ+ students to join our affinity-based housing floors. The Lavender Community provides an inclusive living space for LGBTQ+ identified individuals and allies. Residents will have access to supportive programming and resources to enhance their sense of belonging, well-being, and identity within the university community. In a fun living environment, residents will connect meaningfully with others throughout the year. This program is designed to build a strong sense of community and help students connect with peers and build relationships across differences. Programs will focus on skill-building for wellbeing. The community is inclusive of all genders and residents will be able to choose to live with roommates of their liking.

    These communities will be housed in Kaneko residence hall. 3rd floor West will be for first year students and 3rd floor East will be for second year students and beyond. Both floors will have a designated resident advisor and share a lounge space between the residential communities.

  • Mosaics - First Year Students, First Generation Students in Cascadia Hall, Matthews Community

    Mosaics is a themed community for First-Generation College students (First-Gen). A First-Gen student is someone who is first in their families to attend college, or are not familiar with the U.S. higher education system. Students in this residential community will receive a student, staff, and/or faculty mentor through the Mosaics program facilitated through the Office of Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion.  


  • STEM 2.0 - Returning Students on 4th floor East, Kaneko A Wing
    Our STEM residential community is for second year students and beyond, a blend of those returning from the STEM Fellows Living Learning Community and other STEM students seeking this residential experience. Students selected into the residential community will share a lounge with the first year students in the STEM Fellows Program. The Resident Advisor in this community is also a STEM major who can be a resource to students in the community. This community will share a lounge with other students who are in the STEM Fellows Living Learning Community and will be housed in Kaneko A wing 4th floor.

Living Learning Communities

Welcome to our Living Learning Communities, where education extends beyond the classroom walls. These communities are tailored to your academic journey, providing an integrated environment that supports your studies and personal growth. Engage with like-minded peers who share your field of study, and embrace opportunities for collaborative learning, joint projects, and mentorship from experienced faculty members. In a Living Learning Community, your residence hall becomes a hub of intellectual exploration, where your academic and social lives seamlessly blend, enriching your overall university experience. We currently have one living learning community:

  • STEM Fellows Program - First Year Students in Kaneko Commons A Wing 4th floor West
     The STEM Fellows Program is a vibrant Living Learning Community for first year students who've been accepted into the STEM Fellows Program. Students who opt into the community will live together, take classes together and be supported by a Resident Advisor who is a STEM major. Dr Cooper Battle, our faculty advisor, actively engaged with students in the community. This community will share a lounge with other students who are in the STEM residential community (returning students). This community is housed in Kaneko A wing (4th floor).

Resident Advisors

Each community includes between one and eight Resident Advisors (RAs). They are enthusiastic leaders who strive to help you make your Willamette experience the best it can be. 

On-Call Coverage and Contact Information

Housing On-Call staff is available to assist residents living on campus after normal working hours.

Roommate Conflict

Because each person is unique, with different needs and lifestyles, conflict may be inevitable when people live or work in close proximity and are interdependent on each other.

Maintenance Requests

Need something fixed? Mice or other pests? Please place a maintenance request order via our online form and we will be in touch with you.

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