Study Russian language and culture in Tbilisi, Georgia in the SRAS program, Russian as a Second Language. In 1990, SRAS began working with Moscow State University to further develop and promote several of their study abroad programs. SRAS expanded soon after, developing and promoting programs across Eurasia that maximize what the institution and location can offer students of a wide range of subjects. Minimum GPA required by host program: 2.5 GPA. 


Find Georgia SRAS classes here: (Classes are called "Courses")
Beginning (100)
Intermediate (200)
Advanced (300)


Students will study in the Russian as a Second Language program which focuses on intensive language study and culture coursework paired with a home stay experience. Russian language courses are offered at four different levels, from beginning to advanced. For more information, see SRAS's course outlines for each language level: beginning (100), intermediate (200), and advanced (300). Small, intensive classes focus on reading, grammar, speaking, comprehension and phonetics.  The program is hosted by Novamova, a private language school.  It is a modern location using innovative and immersive teaching methods combining classroom training with hands-on, practical usage.

Excursions, seminars, and other out-of-the-classroom experiences at locations of historical, cultural, or other interest. See more information about the Travel and Culture program at Tbilisi. Tbilisi is the ancient capital of Georgia.  Tbilisi has been important historically and continues to be a lively political, economic, and cultural hub.  

For students interested in studying Russian, the OIE offers this program and also a program in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  WU is not currently utilizing SRAS programs based in Russia.


Students live in home stays in this program which provides 2 meals per day for an approximate cost of about $3,000 per semester; meals not included are estimated to be about $900.  This is an affordable destination due to the many included aspects of the program and the generally low cost of living.  Students should budget for local transportation (about $200).


This program is available during fall or spring semester. Fall semester begins in early September and ends in mid-December. The spring semester begins in early February and ends in late-May.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for a detailed explanation of the cost of each program. Housing costs will be paid directly to SRAS. Meals vary depending on the type of housing option selected by the student.


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