Brandon Miller

Imperial Pacific: Contesting the Material and Rhetorical Constructions of Saipan as a Global Tourist Destination for Luxury, Leisure and Entertainment
Sponsor: Catalina M. de Onis, Civic Communication and Media

Estefania Ramos Torres

Second Hand Smoking and Tauopathy Dysregulation and Tau Misregulation in a Dementia Animal Model Brain
Sponsor: Cooper Battle, Chemistry

Elizabeth Corpuz

Reactivity of Anti-Cancer Ruthenium-Based Drugs RAPTA-C and RACAP with Transferrin Protein
Sponsor: Karen MacFarlane Holman, Chemistry

Paige Spradlin

Drug Policy Tweaking: An Analysis of the Diverging Socio-political Responses to the 'Crack' and Opioid Epidemics
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Abigail Lahnert

The Elusive Archive
Sponsor: Cayla Skillin - Brauchle, Studio Art

Lindsay Lutes

‘Public Women’: Victoria Woodhull and Women’s Voices in the Reconstruction-era Political World
Sponsor: Rachel Kinsman Steck, Theatre

Seth Eggleston

Finding Meaning in Music: An Event-Related Brain Potential Study of the Semantics of Melodic and Harmonic Musical Intervals
Sponsor: Courtney Stevens, Psychology

Madison Rotter

Colonialism, Climate Change, and Collaboration: The Ogoni Environmental Movement and the Imperial Economy of Nigerian Oil
Sponsor: Bianca Murillo, History

Ninon Becquart

Cervix and society: Developing an in vitro system using an endocervicalcell line and analyzing the impact of Henrietta Lacks on cell line practices
Sponsor: Emma Coddington, Biology

Daniel Whitney

The Virtual Queer District: How LGBTQ Portlanders (re)Imagine Urban Sexual Spaces through Web 2.0
Sponsor: Rachel Steck, Theater

Molly Bond

Shaping Spectatorship in Art: A Study on Francesco Salviati's "Scenes from the Virgin's Life"
Sponsor: Ricardo De Mambro Santos, Art History

Emily Miller

Synthesis of Redox-Active Chitosan Derivatives for Use as Targeted Therapeutic Antioxidants
Sponsor: Andrew Duncan, Chemistry

Rebecca Josephson

Binding Interactions of Anti-Cancer Ruthenium-Based Drug NAMI-A with Nucleic Acids
Sponsor: Karen McFarlane Holman and Sarah Kirk, Chemistry

Alexandria Parsagian

Characterization and optimization of a permanent magnet Zeeman slower for use in trapping of ultracold calcium
Sponsor: Michaela Kleinert, Physics

Maxwell Mensinger

Alienated Together
Sponsor: David Gutterman, Politics

Ian Brody

The Informed Artist: Enriching a Musical Performance With an Anthropological Study of Nationalism
Sponsor: Pamela Moro, Anthropology
Music Major--Anthropology Minor

Lindsey Falkenburg

Understanding Diasporas and Their Relationships With Home and Host Countries
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology
Anthropology -- Major

Mathew Polzin

Constructing Agent-Based Models to Predict Offspring Survivorship as a Function of Lateralized Behavior of Parents
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology
Math and Computer Science -- double major

John Michael Miller

“Educational Underutilization: Labor Market Prospects for College Graduates”
Sponsor: Jerry Gray, Economics

Jeffrey Weber

“Mathematics, Particle Accelerators, and Chemotherapeutics: An Experimental and Computational Analysis of Anti-Cancer Compound KP 1019”
Sponsor: Karen McFarlane Holman, Chemistry

Corey Costantino

“Effects of Ring-Closing Allene Metathesis Reactions on Synthetic Helical Peptides”
Sponsor: Andrew Duncan, Chemistry

Molly Sultany

“Facilitative vs Competitive Plant-pollinator Interactions in Sympatric Pacific Northwest Camassia: An assessment of flowering phenology, floral density & pollinator abundance”
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Peter Crisalli

Biochemistry: “Creation and testing of a Neomycin B-Dipeptide Library"
Sponsor: Sarah Kirk, Chemistry

Greg Henselman

Math and Classical Studies: “Extending the Diagnostic Applications of Graph Representations"
Sponsor: Erin McNicholas, Mathematics

Molly Phimister

“Nanosecond Time-Resolved Studies of the Up-Coverted Fluorescence from Bimolecular Systems of [Ru (dmb)3]2+ and an Anthracene-Related Energy Quencher”
Sponsor: Chuck Williamson, Chemistry

Buck Taylor

“Determination of the Effectiveness of Novel Neomycin-Doxycyline Antibiotic Conjugates”
Sponsor: Sarah Kirk, Chemistry

Anton Chiono

“The Effects of Spatial Snag Distribution on Cavity Nesting Bird Species in Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) Forests of the Eastern Cascades”
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Michael Reich

“Interest Group Efficacy: An Analysis of Use-Restricting Management Policies in National Parks Using the Advocacy Coalition Framework”
Sponsor: Joe Bowersox III, Politics

Kirsten Wesselhoeft

“The Political Theology of Renhold Neibuhr: An Analysis of the Historical and Contemporary State of Religion and Politics in America”
Sponsor: Karen Wood, Associate Chaplain

Gail Lucas

“The Relationship of Discrepancies Between Self-View and Perceived Other-Views to Self-Handicapping, Conformity, and Extrinsic Goal Behaviors”
Sponsor: Jim Friedrich and Tony Hermann, Psychology

Lilia Putintsev

“Fin-de-Siecle: A Comparative Study of Turn of the Century European Cultural and Intellectual Life”
Sponsor: Bill Duvall, History

Craig Webster

“Generalizing Q-ball Theory to Include Unstable Particles”
Sponsor: Rick Watkins, Physics

Lori Northcraftt

“Socioeconomic and Cultural Influences on Hispanic Farm Workers' Occupational Health Care Decisions”
Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Brandon B. Smith

“An Investigation of the Solvation Shell Structure in the Methanol-Carbon Disulfide Binary Liquid System”
Sponsor: J. Charles Williamson, Chemistry

Benjamin J.D. Wright

“Progress Toward the Asymmetric Synthesis of Kalkitoxin”
Sponsor: Jeff Willemsen, Chemistry

Anna Carpenter

“Where Policy Becomes Reality: An Ethnography of Welfare Case Managers”
Sponsor: Angus Vail, Sociology

Garrett Tenold

“Dual Gas Doping of Single Bubble Sonoluminescence: Interaction Under Extreme Conditions”
Sponsor: Richard Watkins, Physics

Lyn Delmastro

“Madame D'Epinay, George Sand, Simone de Beauvoir: A Study of the Experience of Being a Woman in Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Century France”
Sponsor: Bill Duvall, History

Nathan Gushwa

“Generation of a Protein Library for Cultured Guard Cell Protoplasts of Nicotiana Glauca”
Sponsor: Gary Tallman, Biology

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