College Colloquium Student Research Grant Recipients

Lily Clancy

Exploring the Impact of the European Refugee Crisis on the Healthcare System of the Netherlands
Sponsor: Sarah Kirk, Chemistry

Robert Daugherty

Viewing the Holocaust
Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric

Adriana Escorcia Lopez

Second Generation Immigrants: Combating a Cycle
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Katrina Miller

Geothermal and Diesel
Sponsor: Catalina de Onis, Civic Communication and Media

Henry Veitenhans

R2AK Documentary
Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Rhetoric

Benjamin Burton

Debating the Necessity of Handmade Crafts in America & Europe
Sponsor: David Altman, Physics

Kristianna Drum Bento

Looking for Support: Identifying Support for Undocumented and Second Generation Immigrant Youth within Public Education
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Samuel Johnston

Willamette's Divestment Movement: Unfinished Activism Then and Now
Sponsor: Jonneke Koomen, Sociology

Evan Kohne

Dignity and Anti-Semitism: How Audiences React to Controversial Theater
Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Rhetoric

Gia Dacayanan

Philippine Gender Fuckers: Trans Filipina Sex Workers Under Imperial Scrutiny
Sponsor: Roy Perez, English

Michelle Hicks

The Examination of the “Other”
Sponsor: Melissa Buis Michaux, Politics

Dana Kehrly

Design Refinement: A Journey of Playtesting, Illustration, and Game Publishing
Sponsor: Joshua Laison, Mathematics

Melissa Legaria Cisneros

Space as Resilience: Crafting a Home for People with Marginalized Identities
Sponsor: Maegan Parker Brooks, Civic Communication and Media

Diana Marquez Guerrero

Heirlooms and the Immigrant Experience
Sponsor: Pam Moro, Anthropology

Benjamin Bajema

Injustices of Japanese American Internment During WWII
Sponsor: Cecily McCaffrey, History

Michael Chergosky

Sponsor: Sally Markowitz, Philosophy, and John Peel, Music,

Gonzalo Garcia Reyes

Activism and the Visibility of Trans Issues Within the Larger Context of the LGBTQ+ Movement
Sponsor: Janet Lorenzen, Sociology

Nora Kirsch

Between the Holy and the Erotic: Medieval Sexuality and Church Architecture in Spain
Sponsor: Ana Montero, Spanish

Olivia Orosco

Exploring Payments for Ecosystems Services: A Photojournalistic Approach
Sponsor: David Gutterman, Politics

Emily Buchi

Preserving What is No Longer There: Ghost Towns of the Colorado Plateau
Sponsor: Karen Wood, Chaplain's Office

Theo Humphreys

Living Your Politics: How Noma Shaped Danish Identity and Agricultural Practices
Sponsor: Jade Aguilar, Sociology

Daphne Jacobsen

Exploring Creativity
Sponsor: Aili Zheng, German

Erendira Oropeza

The Layers of a Corn Tortilla
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Jared Tupuola

Sending Back to the Samoas: A Comparative Study of American Samoa and Samoa's Relationship with Transnationalism
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Natalie Zhang

It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings: Combating Fat Shaming and Its Repercussions
Sponsor: Frann Michel, English

Tyler Griswold

Changing Ableist Views Within Medicine: Educating With Music
Sponsor: Allison Hobgood, English

Olivia Mancl

Permaculture Through the Eyes of Walt Whitman
Sponsor: Michael Chasar, English

Hania Marien

A Tale of Two Homelands:The Story of a Belgian American
Sponsor: Megan Ybarra, Politics, Latin American Studies

Caroline Brinster

Making Vision a Reality: Investigative Research on the Economics of the Columbia Gorge
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Xengie Doan

An Investigation of Antibiotics in Post-Agricultural, Urban, and Waste Water
Sponsor: Melissa Marks and Sharon Rose, Biology

Kelci Jacoby

Seeing With Emily: Emily Carr’s Vision of the Canadian Nation and its First Nations, Then and Now
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Samuel Keechler

Making a Documentary of the Working Impoverished
Sponsor: Monique Bourque, Student Academic Grants and Awards, Earth and Environmental Science

Dylan Librande

Music and the Sense of Place in Video Games
Sponsor: Pam Moro, Anthropology

Benjamin Martin

Graffiti: Changing Image Through Imagery
Sponsor: Abigail Susik, Art History

Rebecca Hayes

Examining Latin@ Mobility in the San Francisco Unified School District
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Christopher Ketchum

Pilgrimage and Pedestrianism
Sponsor: Bobby Brewer-Wallin, Theatre

Cristina Marquez-Guerrero

Restoration of La Mixteca: Empowering Indigenous Communities
Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology

Erin McGrew

Arts and Identity in South Africa
Sponsor: Andries Fourie, Studio Art

Martha Sonato

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area: Latino/a Role, Voice, and Perspective
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Science

Matthew Bateman

Modeling Youth Homelessness
Sponsor: Richard Watkins, Physics

Emily Dougan

Food Deserts: Purely a Western Problem? Surveying Food Deserts in Shanghai, China
Sponsor: Kimberlee Chambers, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Briana Ezray

Life Without a Buzz: The Study of Colony Collapse Disorder
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Erin Parkinson

Determining Parasite Resistance to Anthelmintics in Dairy Goats
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Lauren Dimock

Sponsor: ,

Elizabeth Harney

Sponsor: ,
Studio Art -- Major

Emilie Jensen

Sponsor: ,

Carley Kwiatkowski

Sponsor: ,

Catherine Theisen

Sponsor: ,

Joseph Hines

Sponsor: Richard Ellis, Politics

Claire Hoffman

Sponsor: Sally Markowitz, Philosophy

Stephanie Jones

Sponsor: Josh Laison, Mathematics

Madison Niermeyer

Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric & Media Studies

D'Arcy Wright

Sponsor: William Smaldone, History

Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm

Sponsor: Amadou Fofana, French and Francophone Studies

Hannah Harper

Sponsor: Andries Fourie, Art and Art History

Tucker Mottl

Sponsor: Joe Bowersox, Environmental and Earth Sciences

Steven Morrison

Sponsor: Joe Bowersox, Environmental and Earth Sciences

Edward McGlone

Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

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