Need to update your organization's title, leadership, or advisor information? Please complete this form with the current information about your organization.

Annual Club Registration

Student organizations are required to submit online registration each Spring to maintain their ASWU affiliation and eligibility for funding.

2024-2025 club registration is now open. Deadline to complete all re-registration processes is April 17th. See below for each step. Please contact Student Engagement & Leadership if you have any questions.

Step 1: Submit the online Registration forms here. What you'll need: leadership and advisor information for 2024-25, G/L (account) numbers, and the names of two people from your club who will have G/L access.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s important that you list NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR’s leadership team. Otherwise, your group members will not be able to receive summer communication about training and funding opportunities.

Step 2: Submit a roster of current membership (for Spring 2024) here. What you'll need: a list of WILLAMETTE USERNAMES (the first part of your email address) for everyone who is currently active in your organization. NOTE: Fraternity and Sorority leaders do NOT submit rosters through this link (because these organizations already collect and submit rosters on a regular basis).

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you do not have members or have not been active this semester, please list any officers you have.

Step 3: Submit the online reflection form here.  The reflection form asks questions about how your organization functioned this year (2023-2024).

Step 4: Submit a new Leader-Advisor Agreement. This is important to keep your advisor informed on the details of your organization and to update our records. Please email the copy of your Leader-Advisor agreement to 

PLEASE NOTE: Your advisor must be a full time faculty/staff member who is not planning on taking a leave of absence or sabbatical. 

Step 5: Submit a new club constitution. All student organizations must submit a new club constitution in order to be recognized by ASWU. A majority of student organizations had constitutions that date back five to ten years; if you would like to see the constitution your club has on file, email <student-engagement-group>. Attached to this email is the updated club constitution template. Please note that there is a new section about member disciplinary procedures. 

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