Connecting Devices to the Willamette Network

Registering Devices on the Willamette Network

Everything from smart phones to gaming consoles has the ability to connect to the internet. Willamette permits any approved devices to be registered on our residential and academic networks.

Anything with a web browser can simply connect to the available networks (one of the ResNets, Blitznet etc.). Open the browser and use the self-registration process as you would to register any computer.

Connecting browserless devices

If your device does not have a web browser, you can register the device on the network:

  • Visit the Network Device Registration page. You may need the following information:
    • Your network account name (email address) at Willamette.
    • the MAC address of the device (often called the Physical Address or Ethernet Address).

Approved/banned equipment

Only equipment approved for use on campus by WITS will be allowed on the network. The following lists are examples of approved and banned devices. As a general rule, any device that could potentially interfere with the network at large or disturb other people's use of the network is banned.

Allowed items(examples) Banned items(examples)
  • Apple iPhone
  • Microsoft XBox
  • Sony Playstation
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Netflix Roku box
  • Wireless routers
  • Wireless signal boosters
  • AirPort Base station

Any device which broadcasts its own wireless signal is banned on campus. This is for your own security, as well as everyone else's. Please do not set up wireless routers, even if you use a secured connection.

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