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Willamette University provides wireless network coverage in all academic and residential buildings. Do note, not everything that works on your home WiFi network will play nicely on a large-scale institutional sure to review the types of devices allowed on our network before contacting the WITS Help Desk for assistance.


  • The Willamette Community wireless network is available to current staff, faculty, and students.
  • The Willamette Guest wireless network is for visitors, family, and individuals without a Willamette user account.
  • Wired network ports are available for students in residential buildings and for faculty/staff in academic buildings.
  • Public Internet is available in the Mark O. Hatfield Library and the J.W. Long Law Library.
  • Visiting groups can make arrangements through their campus sponsor or the Residence Life and Housing office for Internet needs during their stay at Willamette.


Which Wireless Network do I Choose?

Anyone with a valid Willamette user account should use Willamette Community (Salem) or BlitzPDX (Portland).  If you accidentally join a Guest network, you'll want to select one of those listed above as Guest networks have limited access to internal sites you may need to access.  Guest is specifically for users without a Willamette account.


WiFi is available in all residential, academic, and administrative buildings. Some outdoor areas of the Salem campus have adequate WiFi coverage as well.

Getting connected

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. In your wireless settings, select the appropriate network. Willamette Community in Salem residential, academic, and administrative buildings; BlitzPDX at the Portland 200 Market St. campus, or PNCA WU Users at the PNCA Portland campus.
  3. You'll need to enter a security key. Willamette account holders can see the current Security Keys for our network here.
  4. Open a web browser.
  5. You should see a page asking you to Register on the Willamette network. Follow those instructions.
    1. If you do not see a registration page and cannot connect to the Internet, point your browser to This usually redirects to the registration page.
    2. If you didn't see a registration page, you may have limited internet access for a few minutes...then lose connection.  This is a symptom of not being properly registered on the network. 

Additional information and set-up guides for connecting to Willamette's wireless networks.

Wired (Ethernet)


  • Wired connections are available in each Salem residence hall dorm room.
  • Public wired connections are available in the Hatfield Library only.
  • Ethernet ports in academic buildings are restricted to staff/faculty use only.

Getting connected

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable to your computer and the port.
  • Open a web browser.
  • You should see a page asking you to Register on the Willamette network. Follow those instructions.
  • For assistance, please contact the WITS Help Desk at 503-370-6767.

Other Devices

If your device has a web browser, the above steps should work. Find out more information on what items are allowed and how to register them on the network.

Connecting while Off Campus

Willamette University offers VPN connectivity for Faculty and Staff via the GlobalProtect VPN Client.  For instructions, visit the VPN Instructions page that corresponds to the Operating System of your device.

Willamette University

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