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Emergency Medical Care

Willamette Emergency Medical Services (WEMS) offers free-of-cost basic life support emergency medical care to anyone on the University's campus during our hours of operation (Fridays 5pm through Sundays 5pm). If called, we will evaluate injuries and provide treatments within our capabilities, then decide if transportation to a hospital is necessary.

  • What can WEMS help with?
    • Physical injuries — Broken bones, cuts, scrapes, falls, dislocations, etc. We carry a wide array of splinting and bleeding control supplies for almost any physical injury.
    • Allergic reactions — We carry epinephrine auto-injectors to assist with severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) as well as oxygen to help with ventilation.
    • Respiratory distress — There can be many causes of difficulty breathing and it can present in many ways. WEMS responders are trained to manage respiratory distress, WEMS has the ability to administer oxygen if required.
    • Childbirth — In the unlikely event of emergency childbirth on campus, WEMS responders are trained to aid in delivering newborns. Responders carry an emergency childbirth kit.
    • Hypoglycemia — WEMS responders carry sugar treatments for diabetic patients experiencing hypoglycemia.
    • Poisonings/Overdoses — Responders are trained in the management of patients that have consumed poisons or have overdosed. We have limited treatments for poisons and all responders carry naloxone for opioid overdose patients.
    • Hyper- and hypothermia — WEMS responders are trained in the management and treatment of environmental emergencies. Responders carry blankets for cold emergencies and icepacks for heat emergencies.
    • Cardiac Emergencies — All WEMS responders are certified by the American Heart Association at the "Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers" level, meaning all WEMS providers are able to assess and care for cardiac patients in the field using basic life support skills (CPR/AED/Assisted breathing) until advanced life support, such as paramedics and hospital personnel, are available.

    ... and much more! Call Campus Safety for any medical emergency on Willamette grounds!

  • Where does WEMS provide service?

EMR Certification

Every fall semester we host an emergency medical responder certification course. Anyone can sign up and take the course to become a state-licensed EMS provider.

  • What is an EMR certification?

    EMR = Emergency Medical Responder, the first level of emergency care provider in Oregon. The license was formerly known as "First Responder."

    The EMR Certification course from WEMS allows those that successfully complete the course to apply for licensure from the Oregon Health Authority to become licensed medical providers in the state. 

  • Why take the class?

    Anyone can take our EMR certification course! Many people take it with the goal of joining WEMS because this certification is the minimum requirement for organization membership. Aside from this, the course includes skills and knowledge that we believe everyone should be trained in such as first aid, CPR, and basic life support. 

  • Learn More

    Interested in taking our EMR certification course? Visit our EMR course webpage to learn more!

Education and Training

We can provide educational training sessions on specific topics upon request to any Willamette University-affiliated group or department. Topics include basic first aid, CPR and AED education, Stop the Bleed, and alcohol poisoning education.

Request a Training Session

  • Alcohol Abuse and Poisoning

    Get educated on the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption and what to do in the event you encounter someone who may have had too much to drink.

  • CPR and First Aid Classes

    WEMS can provide CPR and AED training at your request.

  • Stop the Bleed

    Launched in October of 2015 by the White House, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and a call to action. Stop the Bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

  • Custom Topic

    WEMS is trained in the handling of a variety of emergent medical needs, and as such, requests for training for specialized or custom topics can be made. Email us today to collaborate on your specific educational needs.

    Examples of custom topics taught in the past include:

    • Spinal Assessment and Backboarding for EXHS 340: Clinical Healthcare

Event Standby Services

WEMS is available upon request to provide standby services at your event. We will attend your event and provide any first aid or basic life support medical care to attendees whether they are students, staff, faculty, or visitors. Any department, office, school, organization, center, or group officially affiliated with Willamette University may request our services.

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