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WEMS responders are medically trained and OHA certified as either Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) or Emergency Medical Technician-Basics (EMT-Basics). Members are on call in 24-hour shifts from 5pm-5pm Friday to Sunday most weekends during the school year. WEMS members also provide medical support during many events on and around campus. For example, WEMS provides first aid at Willamette University’s commencement and graduation, Relay for Life, and Wulapalooza.

WEMS also participates in a number of educational opportunities throughout the year. Members teach backboarding demonstrations for the Exercise Science Department, a workshop at the Willamette Academy, and alcohol poisoning education session for Willamette’s sororities and fraternities.

Members also attend drills from 1-3pm every Sunday to review and learn new medical information as wells as practice medical skills. Drill attendance is required for members to be on call as it is important to stay up to date on all procedures. Throughout the semester we welcome a number of guest speakers to share their expertise. In the past, members have also had the opportunity to participate in trainings with the Salem PD SWAT team and Salem Fire Department.

If you would like to join WEMS and are not EMR or EMT certified, you will have to take the WEMS EMR course. View more information about the EMR course. If you would like to join and are already EMR or EMT certified in the state of Oregon*, email us-we would love to have you join us at our next drill session!

* Willamette EMS does not recognize the Wilderness EMT (EMT-W/WEMT) certification. If you would like to join WEMS, you must possess an EMR or EMT-B certification. If you hold a certification more advanced than EMT-B such as AEMT, EMT-I, or EMT-P, you may still join, however, you will be limited to the protocols set at the EMR and EMT levels.

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