Study of mathematical sciences is an important component of your education at Willamette. The most appropriate course for you depends on your academic goals as well as your previous experience. 

Certain programs require specific mathematical science training. Please consult the links below for programs that interest you.

You may take courses in a range of disciplines to fulfill your mathematical sciences requirement:


For students interested in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Data Science

Requires high school algebra experience for 150, calculus experience for 152 and 249

  • MATH 150, Differential Calculus with Precalculus
  • MATH 152, Integral Calculus
  • MATH 249, Multivariable Calculus

Contemporary Mathematics

For students interested in learning new mathematical concepts that are relevant to contemporary society, no matter the profession

No previous experience required

  • MATH 130, Contemporary Mathematics

Logic and Computing

For students interested in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Law

No previous experience required

  • CS 151, Introduction to Programming with Python
  • PHIL 140, Symbolic Logic
Some mathematical science experience, including AP coursework
  • MATH 251W, Foundations of Advanced Mathematics


For students interested in Health Sciences, including Public Health; Social Sciences, including Economics and Business; and Data Science

No previous experience required

  • DATA 151, Inferential Statistics with R
  • MATH 138, Statistics and Applications
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