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Earn an undergraduate business Degree at Willamette


Degrees Available: Bachelor of Science

Become a leader in business, government, or non-profit organizations. Join a top undergraduate business school like Willamette to advance your career goals.

A liberal arts college for business majors

Dive into the world of business, solving complex problems and brainstorming innovative solutions. No college is better positioned to offer you the breadth of knowledge and high-level skills to excel in your profession. Willamette offers the perks of a liberal arts college and a nationally-ranked business school.

Our unique program will prepare you for real-world experiences. Dive into challenging business analytic decisions or review problems with a global perspective. You will learn to solve problems, communicate effectively, and work in team settings.

One of the best liberal arts colleges for business majors

Why is Willamette University a top destination for business students? We offer an unparalleled experience. Here are some reasons why students choose our undergraduate business program:

  • Interdisciplinary approach. We integrate liberal arts principles with a business education. Students develop strong problem-solving skills critical for all career paths.
  • Career advancement opportunities. We offer a career management service to help students make the right connections. We can ensure that we set you up for success, from internships to jobs after graduation.
  • International business perspective. We understand that business is global. Our business courses focus on a global perspective. We also offer study abroad opportunities to connect with the larger business world.
  • Ethical focus. We prioritize ethical and sustainable business practices. We want our students to create a better future, which is why we discuss ethics in all our courses.
  • Impactful professors. Our faculty members are actively contributing to their area of business. They understand modern problems and have connections to businesses and industries.
  • Experiential learning. Earn practical work experience during your bachelor's degree. Earn academic credits through internship opportunities.
  • Flexibility. We offer a business major and a business minor. Students can choose between electives and program types. They can also choose to pursue any combination of major and minor programs.
  • Financial considerations. We offer a variety of scholarship and financial aid opportunities. We automatically consider all admitted undergraduates for merit scholarships.
  • Post-graduate options. We offer a convenient dual degree for those interested in additional education after their undergraduate program. Students can learn more about our BA/MBA program as well as our BS/MSDS program.
  • Small class sizes. We provide small, intimate classes that help students become business leaders.

Utilize our top business school connections

Willamette University is home to the top Oregon business program. This provides a variety of benefits to business students on campus. Students can take advantage of the resources within the MBA program. They can connect with specialized career services and build more connections in the business world.

You’ll also have the option to complete an MBA in five years instead of six. Our dual-degree program saves you considerable time and money. We designed our BA/MBA program for early career candidates, ensuring a comfortable learning experience. Our school of business also holds dual accreditation, offering long-lasting value after earning a graduate degree.

Students can also take advantage of the 3+1 BS/MS in Data Science program. Pair your understanding of business with technical skills in data analytics.

Featured Alumni


CorDarryl Hall MBA'19

  • Data analyst at Intel
  • Raised in a troubled home on Chicago’s South Side, graduated in the top 10% of his class, earned a bachelor’s degree in public administration
  • MBA gave him foundation in data modeling and storytelling

Paimon Jaberi '17, MBA'18

  • Business intelligence analyst for the Seahawks
  • Analyzes data related to ticket sales, fan preferences, stadium operations
  • BA/MBA taught him how to analyze complex data sets and become a polished presenter

Nathan Love '05

  • First job at Lionsgate, then Cinedigm digital, vice president of TiVo and now business development at T-Mobile
  • Founding U.S. investor of Finnish “The Long Drink”
  • Civic Communications and Media taught him effective writing and how to best apply philosophical principles

Become a business major at Willamette

Invest in yourself and your future. Willamette University is the perfect place to make connections and study business. Whether you want to pursue a career in business, government, or not-for-profit management, choose Willamette. You’ll be ready for the challenges of today and the world of tomorrow.

Pursue a degree in business. Join our top undergraduate business school.

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