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General Policies

The policies below apply to computer science courses numbered below 400. The motivation for each of them is the same: to allow both individual students and the class as a whole to move forward smoothly and effectively.

Homework and Programming Assignments

No late assignments will be accepted for credit after the announced deadline. Your instructor may announce additional policies in your class concerning partial credit for incomplete assignments or for dropping assignments or homework points when your grade for the course is calculated.

This policy allows your instructor to make solutions available to you or to use them as classroom material as soon as the deadline has passed, and helps assure that the class progresses together.


Classes will incorporate short weekly quizzes. There are no make-ups for missed quizzes (unless the absence is necessitated by a University Approved Event and the student has made arrangements beforehand with his/her instructor). However, at least one quiz score will be thrown out in calculating your course grade.

Hourly Exams

If you must miss an exam, it is your responsibility to make arrangements in advance with your instructor. If the reason for missing the exam is:

University Approved Events (in sports, debate, music, etc.)

In most cases the faculty sponsor or coach can administer the exam.


Please bring your instructor a note from the health center or a doctor.

Family emergencies or other unavoidable conflicts

Discuss the emergency with your instructor prior to the exam.

Final Exams

All courses numbered below 400 will have a final exam, administered on the scheduled day.


Turning in someone else's work as your own, without attribution, is not acceptable. Evidence of plagiarism includes turning in work you do not understand, cannot explain, and/or cannot reproduce.

Penalties will range from a grade of 0 for the assignment to an F for the course.

Computer programming requires practice. Getting an answer from someone else is not the same as puzzling it out yourself, even if it is explained to you. You will not understand the material without doing the homework yourself.

View Willamette University’s Academic Integrity policy.

Accommodation of Disabilities

For details on accommodations of disabilities or other hardships, please visit Willamette’s the Accessible Education Services site.

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