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David Collins

AV Support Technician, Music Department

Headshot of David Collins

Contact Information

Salem Campus

Rogers Music Center 118
900 State Street
Salem  Oregon  97301


David leads sound reinforcement, live streaming, recording (including editing and mastering), lighting and stage management for Music Department performances, and assists in maintaining the computer lab and production studios in Ford Hall. To support these responsibilities, David trains and supervises a staff of student employees.

Prior to arriving at Willamette University, David's creative and technical experiences merged as the Coordinator of Music Programming and Jazz Director at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Additional professional experiences include several years of musical accompaniment as an Associate Artist for the Peck School of the Arts Dance Department, and managing a private studio of saxophone students.

An adept artist and collaborator, David has contributed to several dynamic projects as composer, saxophonist and electronic artist. Embracing a diverse range of creative disciplines, David has worked alongside choreographers, dancers, poets, visual artists and musicians, to produce a collage of improvisational and fixed art forms. Artistic and collaborative work with several Milwaukee (Wisconsin) based ensembles and organizations includes Danceworks Inc., Wild Space Dance Company, Noise Knowledge Consortium, Sensoria, Unruly Music, Present Music, Fringe Festival MKE and Hyperlocal MKE, a large collaboration of composer-performers and choreographer-dancers presenting improvised compositional forms that explore a common artistic language.


  • Jazz Studies, Wisconsin Conservatory of Music
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Composition & Technology, University of Wisconsin
  • Master of Music in Theory & Composition, University of Wisconsin

Published Recordings

  • Âsivak, David Collins (2020), independent Bandcamp release
  • Intimate Addictions, Amanda Schoofs (2020), Sound | Anti-Sound
  • Considered Parallel to Borders (or Dividers), Bridges of Königsberg (2019), Flag Day Recordings
  • Mendacity, Bridges of Königsberg (2018), 4GRE
  • Misdemeanors, Minor Vices (2013), Universal Reptile

Selected Works

  • Discourse (2021) flute, double bass and electronics
    • Sensoria, Jan Serr Studio, Milwaukee, WI
  • Walking the Middle Fork (2021) flute, Bb clarinet, vibraphone and percussion
    • UW-Milwaukee Virtual Residency with the Khemia Ensemble
  • Polar Vortex (2020) modular synthesizer
  • Loom, (2019) modular synthesizer and crystal singing bowl
    • Sensoria, Jan Serr Studio, Milwaukee, WI
  • Rhapsody in Risk (2019) indeterminate score for tenor saxophone and vibraphone
    • “House of Risk,” Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee, WI
  • Sound of Risk (2019) fixed media and interactive sound installation
    • “House of Risk,” Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee, WI
  • Sift (2018) indeterminate score for four or more performers
  • Moment(um) (2018) tenor saxophone and electronic fixed media for dance
    • “New Dancemakers: Locus,” UW-Milwaukee
  • PolyPatter, Tranche (2011) two networked Max patches for improvisational laptop performance
    • Unruly Music, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Milwaukee, WI
  • Steamroller: A Klezmer Suite (2011) Bb clarinet, tenor saxophone, accordion, tuba, percussion
    • “Steamroller,” Milwaukee Gallery Night, Redline Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
  • Threaded (2010) electronic fixed media for dance
    • “Art to Art,” Danceworks Inc., Milwaukee, WI
  • Enough Rope To… (2009) electronic fixed media for dance
    • New Dancemakers, UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
  • Of Potential Happiness (2009) oboe, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, piano, violin and cello
    • “sfSoundGroup: By + For," Peck School of the Arts Recital Hall, Milwaukee, WI

Selected Performances

  • Cobblers With Heart (tenor saxophone, modular synthesizer) with Paul Westfahl (percussion, electronics)
    • Noise Knowledge Consortium Series, Milwaukee, WI, 2019
  • Bridges of Königsberg (modular synthesizer, electronics) with Christopher Burns and Peter J. Woods (electronics)
    • Sensoria: Experiments in Sound and Performance, Milwaukee, WI, 2019
  • Hyperlocal MKE (tenor saxophone, modular synthesizer, electronics) with a rotating membership of musicians and dancers
    • "Mobile Archive," Lakeside at Milwaukee Art Museum, 2021
    • "Voluntary," The Back Room @ Collectivo, Milwaukee, WI, 2018
  • Jessamine deLancey (tenor saxophone) with Cory Coleman (bass), Ojumire Dounfola Charleston (percussion), Chancie Star, Charley Fierro, Wednesday Manners, Amelia Nommensen and Kelsey James (dancers)
    • “Listen to the Earth,” The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, WI, 2018
  • Minor Vices (tenor saxophone) with Amanda Schoofs (voice), Adam Murphy (clarinets), Trevor Saint (glockenspiel), Christopher Burns (guitar), Kevin Schlei (tabla), Seth Warren-Crow (percussion)
    • Frequency Series, Constellation, Chicago, IL, 2014
  • Amanda Schoofs (tenor saxophone, electronics) with Trevor Saint (glockenspiel), Steve Schlei (electronics)
    • “Intersect: Intimate Addictions," Wild Space Dance Co. & Danceworks Inc., Milwaukee, WI, 2013
  • Seth Warren-Crow (tenor saxophone, electronics) with Sean Behling (clarinet, electronics), Jeff Klatt (cello), Seth Warren-Crow (percussion, electronics), Danceworks Inc. (dance company)
    • "Stone Soup", Danceworks Inc., Milwaukee, WI, 2011
  • Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra (electronics) with a rotating membership of laptop performers
    • "Sound Brain," Present Music, Discovery World, Milwaukee, WI, 2009
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