The Community Action Fund for Equity & Sustainability Committee (CAFES) seeks to provide financial support to a number of projects and programs advancing sustainability, equity, and social justice at Willamette University and in our community. CAFES funds are intended to support new or one-time projects and initiatives on campus. For long-term projects, our mission is to provide the resources necessary to get pilot programs off the ground so that they may grow and become a permanent part of the Willamette community.

When developing proposals, we require students to work closely with staff and/or faculty, especially if your project requires working with them or programs they support. Please reach out to the committee community-action-fund if you need help with developing your proposal. We always highly recommend meeting with our Proposal Consultant before submitting a grant.

Grant Proposal Forms

The CAFES Committee is now accepting grant proposals! We no longer have a rolling deadline, and instead review received proposals after three deadlines each semester. For each of these deadlines, proposal and budget forms must be emailed to community-action-fund by 11:59 pm. Please use the following forms and follow all instructions when submitting your proposal. Incomplete proposals might not be considered.

Application Deadlines:

Fall 2023:

  • Saturday, October 14th at 11:59 PM
  • Saturday, November 18th at 11:59 PM

Spring 2024:

  • Saturday, February 17th at 11:59 PM
  • Saturday, March 16th at 11:59 PM

Required Forms:

Apply for Mini Grants!

The CAFES committee is proud to present a new initiative for the Willamette Community to engage. CAFES Mini Grants are designed to fund up to $300 for small scale projects rooted in social justice, equity and sustainability. These grants are both easier to apply for and have a rolling deadline that allows Willamette’s students, faculty and staff to apply for projects, initiatives or events that are happening before the end of this academic year. Please see the proposal form for eligibility criteria and more details about the application process.

Mini Grant Application Deadlines:

The Mini Grant deadline is rolling for the 2023-2024 academic year, and applications will be considered in the spring until Friday, April 19th at 11:59 PM. Please keep in mind the 2-week grace period for funding after applying for a mini grant.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what you can apply for through mini grants, please contact community-action-fund and we will be happy to assist you in the process!

Mini Grant Required Forms:

Resources on Campus

CAFES works to support proposals that aim to advance sustainability, equity, and social justice in the Willamette community. A wide variety of projects fit within the scope of CAFES funding, but there are other resources on campus you should consider, too.

Funding needs that might be better suited to an alternative campus resource include:

  • Funding for recognized student organizations (ASWU)
  • Funding for events on the Willamette campuses (WEB)
  • Funding for projects within residence halls (RHA)

Unsure if a resource already exists on campus? Use this page to discover the wide variety of events/items/initiatives available from pre-existing organizations and departments at Willamette. 

Searching for a specific resource: Try "command" + "F" on your keyboard, type a specific search term

Alternative Funding Contacts

  • Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU)
    • Any registered student organization is eligible to apply for funding through the ASWU
    • In order to be eligible for funding, organizations must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership
    • ASWU Funding Standards.
  • Willamette Events Board (WEB)
    • Work with WEB to plan a new event/submit event ideas
  • Residence Hall Association (RHA)
    • Funding for projects/events especially within residence halls or for on-campus residents
    • No Cap: Events held within Willamette University, especially within residence halls, or supplies bought that are open primarily for all on-campus residents and directed towards on-campus residents.
    • 50% Cap Applied: Events held within Willamette University or supplies bought that are open and directed to all students, on-campus resident or off-campus resident, or also non-resident community members.
    • Rejected: Events held or supplies bought that are for private individual, group, or club use. Events held outside Willamette University.
  • Internship Funds
    • Awards given to promote student career preparedness, designed to enhance the recipients' practical experience, work exposure, and career opportunities.
  • Office of Career Development
    • Source for funding for an internship or summer experience

Other Resources

There are many existing resources available on the Willamette campuses. While the Willamette University website is generally a good source for locating these items, some of the pages may be out of date. We recommend contacting the students and staff in charge of these departments/organizations for the most accurate information.

  • Student Success Hub
    • Office of the Associate Dean and Student Success (Cecily McCaffrey)
      • Internships, study abroad, summer research programs, overcoming obstacles to success (located in Smullin)
    • Writing Center Director (Jennifer Jopp) (Ford)
      • Connect with peer writing consultants, develop writing skills
    • Office of Academic Support (Aspen Padilla, Director of Academic Support and Retention) (Ford)
      • Coordinates group and individual tutoring, peer academic coaching (help with time management, developing relationships with faculty, metacognition, etc.)
    • Accessible Education Services (Smullin) (Sue Minder)
      • Determining eligibility for both academic and non-academic accommodations
      • Resources for obtaining documentation
      • College Access Navigators, helps students who identify as autistic or having ADD/ADHD achieve success in college, career counseling
    • Testing center
      • Place for students to have extended time, private room, reduced distracted, or other test-related accommodations to take exams
    • Office of the College Advisor (Jessica Cardinal-Lanier)
      • Works with students who are on probation and warning
      • General advising, advising for S-STEM students, and advising for 3:2 and 3:3 programs
  • Career Development
  • SOAR Center
    • The Bearcat Pantry
      • Perishable and non-perishable food items
      • Personal hygiene supplies (shampoo, razors)
    • Clothing Share
      • Support for WU students seeking professional attire (commencement regalia, blouses, shirts, skirts, slacks, suits, ties, jewelry, shoes, handbags)
    • First-Generation Book Drive
      • Books for various courses and school supplies
  • Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion
    • Assistance/consultation related to academic and personal success of students with underrepresented identities
    • Supports and curates programming for heritage and cultural months for the WU community
      • Latinx Heritage Month (September)
      • Pride Week (October)
      • Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month (November)
      • MLK Day (January)
      • Black History Month (February)
      • Women's History Month (March)
      • Asian Pacific Islander South Asian Heritage Month (April)
    • Collaborative partner for affinity-based student organizations and other campus departments
    • Current program offerings and initiatives
      • 'Ohana-- Jump Start program for incoming first year students who identify as BIPOC, first generation college student, or both
      • POV as a POC-- a community conversation for BIPOC and underrepresented students can come together and be in community with one another to speak about their WU experiences
      • Comethru-- an opportunity for BIPOC and underrepresented students to come together to be in community
      • DE-am I the Drama-- a program for all students to talk about current diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and challenges within sports, media, and reality tv
      • Cutting Fruit-- a program for first generation college students to talk about challenges and come up with solutions together
    • Future program offerings and initiatives
      • Accomplice Training (new title TBD)-- workshops on how to become an accomplice; this is more than allyship, this is about how to actively dismantle systems of oppression, or work towards it
      • Mosaics-- a mentorship program for first generation college students
      • Student Athletes of Color Collective-- a group for student athletes of color to be in community with each other
      • Community Spice Cabinet
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Diversity resources
      • DACA and Undocumented Students
        • How to apply or renew for DACA, scholarships, and college and graduate application process 
      • Digital Learning Studio
        • Connecting students and faculty with digital learning tools and resources, collaborative opportunities
        • Mac computers (free to use 24/7) equipped with Adobe applications
        • Macbook laptops (free to borrow for use within Ford)
        • Support with various digital tools and platforms such as Canvas/Wise, Adobe Suite, Voicethread, Perusall and Audacity
        • Assistance with video editing and production & graphic design
      • LGBTQ+ Resources
        • Confidential support for victims/survivors of gender-based violence and supportive resources for the LGBTQIA+ campus community
      • International Education
        • Opportunities to engage in global learning
        • Offices in Salem and Portland providing Advising, Programming, Student Services and Advocacy
        • Semester, Year, and Summer Study Abroad
        • International Student, Visiting Scholar and Faculty Support
        • International Student Admission Applications (
      • Office of Spiritual and Religious Life
        • Opportunities to foster spiritual growth, understanding, religious commitment, and ethical action
      • Virtual Longhouse
        • Central resource center for the Willamette community on Indigenous and/or Native focused areas
        • Connecting and directing students to campus and departmental resources that offer academic, cultural, social, and transitional support
        • Developing and promoting diversity and inclusion programming in support of indigenous, Native American, American Indian, and/or Alaska Native cultures
        • Coordinating outreach with Oregon tribal communities and organizations
  • Bistro
    • Coffee, beverages, cookies, snacks, live performances, study space, student employment & management opportunities, etc.
  • Bike Shop
    • Basic bike repair and maintenance 
    • Fixing flats, adjusting brakes, wheel alignment
  • Outdoor Program
    • Trips, outdoor equipment rental
    • Rain gear, hiking boots, wool socks, hats, warm base layers, gaiters, gloves
    • Day hikes, backpacking, climbing/bouldering, kayaking, ski & snowboard
    • Oregon Zoo, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Christmas lights viewing, yurting, stand up paddleboarding, hot springs, horseback riding, white water rafting, whale watching
  • Chaplains
    • Space for well-being and connection
    • Support for people from all religious backgrounds and those who do not identify as religious
  • Gender Resource and Advocacy Center
    • Gender-based violence including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking response
    • Community-building, collaborative action with others who advocate for equity and anti-violence
  • Salem Healthcare
    • Center for Hope and Safet
      • Advocacy hotline (503-399-7722)
    • Planned Parenthood
      • Sex education
      • Emergency contraception, abortion services, STI services
    • Salem Health Hospital
      • 24/7 Sexual Assault Forensic Exam services
    • Sarah's Place
      • 24/7 Sexual Assault Forensic Exam services (Albany, OR)
  • Campus-Specific Resources
    • Bias Incidents
    • Bishop Wellness Center (503-370-6062)
      • Medical and counseling services to Willamette students
      • STI testing services, birth control prescriptions and refills, treatment of sexual health concerns including urinary tract infections, access to emergency contraception (Plan B)
      • Free condoms, bandaids, cough drops (lobby)
    • Binders/Breast Forms 4 Bearcats (B4B)
      • Breast forms or chest binders and safe binding educational resources to Willamette University students looking to alleviate gender dysphoria and find gender euphoria (
  • WITS (Business and academic purposes only)
    • Equipment that WITS can deliver and set up:
      • Data cart (includes data projector, PC, VCR/DVD player, cart, cables, and remotes)
      • Sound equipment
      • Portable PA systems
      • Wired and wireless microphones
      • Other sound equipment (amplifiers, mic stands, mixer, speakers...)
      • CD and DVD/VHS players (including region-free and PAL players)
      • Data projectors
      • Data projector and laptop (PC or Mac) combo units
      • Document cameras
      • Overhead projector
      • Portable screens (various sizes)
      • TV carts (includes DVD/VHS and Blu-Ray players, plus HDMI and VGA inputs)
    • Equipment available for checkout at the Help Desk:
      • Assistive listening devices
      • Cameras
      • Video cameras
      • Digital point-and-shoot cameras
      • Camera-mountable microphones
      • Tripods, SD cards, microphone adapters, and other accessories
      • Blu-Ray players
      • Computer peripherals
      • External hard drives
      • Card readers
      • Adapters and dongles
      • Laptop computers (Mac and PC)
      • Sound equipment
      • Personal belt-pack style PAs
      • Some cables and adapters
      • Digital voice recorders
      • Computer speakers
      • Portable stereos with aux in
      • Wireless presenter mice
      • Audience response systems
      • Webcams and video conferencing devices/accessories
      • Almost any computer or device cable
      • Conference phones
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