The CAFES Committee is composed of voting student members and non-voting advisory members.  Each committee member is expected to contribute to discussion and decisions on funding projects, in addition serving in one of the following roles.  Towards the end of each spring semester the committee solicits applications from the undergraduate student body, and works with ASWU to appoint two additional members (one of whom is an ASWU senator). The committee is currently accepting applications from students for the following committee roles. Applications must be submitted via email by noon (12 pm) on Thursday April 12th. See below for application instructions.


Committee Chair

The Chair’s primary role is ensure the Committee's business is consistent and focused in terms of the CAFES program's values and expectations and serve as the primary student point of contact for the program. The Chair's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: communicating with proposal authors during committee deliberation, facilitating meeting discussions, constructing meeting agendas, and regularly communicating with the Sustainability Institute Director and other campus leaders as needed. The Chair must be familiar with committee bylaws and constitution, be able to communicate with multiple stakeholders, flexibly allocate tasks to other committee members, and have a strong grasp on the committee structure and the role of the program within the Willamette community.



The Secretary is responsible for managing information and files that the committee receives and produces. The secretary organizes funding proposals received, takes meeting notes, publishes meeting minutes, and organizes and documents all information relevant to the business of the Committee in the Google drive environment, including for access by future proposal authors and others interested in understanding the history of the proposals received from the campus community.



The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring committee processes and decisions to fund projects are carried out consistently and expeditiously to facilitate project success and accountability. The treasurer ensures committee processes and expectations are understood by funding recipients, works with the Sustainability Institute and the WU Accounting Office to set up project accounts, and oversees, manages and tracks student fee funds, unallocated funds, and the reallocation of unspent project funds on behalf of the committee.


Committee Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator promotes and increases awareness of the program within the Willamette University community and beyond. This role allows for creativity and initiative in designing marketing strategies, while also maintaining established techniques and approaches. Some responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to producing stories for publication, organizing and planning events/tabling, promoting projects, poster creation and ensuring proper use of logos, maintaining website copy, and working with the Sustainability Institute Director and staff to tailor outreach and programming for students, faculty, and staff. This additionally includes maintaining a CAFES related social media presence through the @sustainablewu Facebook and Instagram pages.


Project Advisor

The Project Advisor monitors and oversees the progress of all projects after funding has been allocated and projects are underway. The Project Advisor also communicates with project leaders on behalf of the committee, and works to facilitate the accomplishment of project goals as presented to and approved by the committee, including the completion and submission of final reports required of all funded projects.


Proposal Consultant

The Proposal Consultant provides feedback and support during the proposal writing process for any person interesting in applying for a grant through the CAFES. The role of the Proposal Consultant is to provide feedback on project feasibility and make recommendations for collaborations within the WU community and in regards to writing the proposal itself. The goal of this position is to promote the submission of quality applications and provide support to grant applicants.  


Instructions for Applying for the 2017-18 CAFES committee

Students seeking to apply for one of these roles for next academic year should email an application about one page long in pdf form to the CAFES Committee <wu-greenfund> no later than noon on Thursday, April 12th. The application should provide clearly written responses to the following questions: 


1. Which position(s) would you like to be considered for? If more than one please list in order of priority.

2. Why would you like to serve on the CAFES Committee? Speak specifically to the position(s) that you are interested in.

3. What strengths and experiences will you bring to the committee?

4. Do you have any previous or current experience working on social justice/equity/environmental related projects and initiatives (coursework included)? Reflect on what this experience and understanding could bring to the committee.

5. What are your commitments for the next year? You should be able to commit to regular weekly meetings and an average of 3 hours of work per week during the entire academic year.

6. Is there any other information you would like the selection committee to know?

All student members of the CAFES Committee must be registered (full or part-time) undergraduate students at Willamette University during their term of office. The CAFES, in an effort to fully represent our diverse community, is specifically looking to recruiting members from underrepresented groups on campus. CAS/AGSM 3-2 program students finishing their last year of undergraduate work (while holding CAFES position) are eligible. Students selected for these roles must meet academic standards set by the university for student leadership positions.

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