The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides comprehensive support for law students. This office is where students conduct most of their daily business -- turning in Legal Research and Writing assignments, registering for classes, scheduling rooms for student organization events, and rescheduling examinations -- just to name a few. The OSA also oversees registration for law courses, administering examinations, and Commencement in the spring.

Emergency Fund Application

The purpose of the Student Emergency Fund is to provide assistance to Willamette students in emergency situations. It is intended to assist students during times of crisis by providing financial support where a clear need exists. This fund supports students whose hardship is impacting their program attendance and functionality and is to be used after all other financial resources have been exhausted.

Report Concerning Public Health Behaviors

Students should be following public health guidance and the Honor Code. Should you encounter concerning public health behaviors we would ask that you (a) address those issues directly but politely with that individual, and/or (b) report those concerns via the Report about Concerning Behaviors form. 

File a Bias Report

Incidents of bias can include the use of slurs, epithets, symbols, graffiti, degrading language, harassment, exclusionary practices, and physical threats. Willamette community members have responsibilities and options when they witness or experience incidents that interfere with these values. Bias incidents should be reported as soon as possible to enable the behaviors to be addressed and those targeted to be supported.

The Core Bias Response Team is responsible for applying the Bias Response Protocol to reported incidents of bias involving members of the Willamette community or that occurred on campus. The team reviews, evaluates, and responds to reported incidents of bias experienced by members of the Willamette community and provides those who have witnessed, experienced, or been accused of an act of bias an opportunity to be heard, supported and advised. Data collected from the bias reports assists in monitoring campus climate trends and informs educational and outreach efforts for the Willamette community.

View the Bias Incident Response Flow Chart


Class Attendance Tracking

The attendance is recorded weekly as we receive attendance sheets from the faculty; however, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to track attendance, as reporting may not always be up to date.

If you find a discrepancy in the records (for example, if you were marked absent on a day that you were in class), email or contact the professor to ask them to notify the OSA to correct the attendance date in question.  We can only make a correction if the request is from the Professor.  If you know you were absent on a certain date, but your record doesn't reflect it, please contact either the professor or the OSA to see if the attendance sheets have been turned in for the class in question.

The OSA notary services are limited to WUCL students and graduates for purposes of application to state bar examinations.

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