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About Moot Court

The Willamette University College of Law Moot Court Board has a long tradition of promoting the art of appellate and trial advocacy by sponsoring various competitions and providing educational seminars to members and other interested students. The Board dates back to 1916 and is the oldest student-run organization at the College of Law. The Board is committed to helping Willamette Law students improve their skills as advocates in a competitive environment.

Why Join Moot Court

The Moot Court Board demands a significant time commitment from its members. Each year, these second and third-year students are required to participate in at least one Willamette-sponsored competition, volunteer for at least one other Willamette-sponsored competition, and attend several board meetings and seminars. Members are also encouraged to participate in as many other Willamette-sponsored and national competitions as possible while maintaining strong grades in their academic classes.

Despite these numerous obligations, a plethora of students apply for membership to the Board each year. Members learn to speak and write persuasively and think on their feet. They are also given an invaluable opportunity to have their writing, public speaking, and courtroom demeanor critiqued by distinguished, practicing lawyers and judges. Members are exposed to a wide range of practice areas that may inspire new career trajectories, as well as making students more marketable. Networking opportunities abound, and the process of researching, crafting, and refining competition briefs provide members with strong writing samples for prospective employers. Perhaps most importantly, the Board provides a bonding experience and strong support system for members and allows them to build school spirit and win accolades when competing against other skilled law schools.

Optional Academic Credit

Moot Court members do not receive academic credit for their active participation on the Board. However, they may be eligible to receive one hour of ungraded academic credit for each competition in which they participate and perform 52 hours of academic work.

Competitors interested in earning academic credit should sign up for the applicable competition on SAGE just as they would any other course. Registration must be completed prior to the start of the competition. Competitors must also track their preparation hours on a timesheet which must be submitted to the Executive Board within one week of the final competition date. Any specific deadlines given by the Executive Board overrule the general deadlines described here.

blank timesheet may be downloaded.

Please refer to the Law School’s Handbook and the Moot Court Bylaws for additional information regarding the requirements for applicants, board members, and academic credit.

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