What are our responsibilities?

All members of the university community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. The sexual misconduct policy outlines the expectations for sexual communication, sexual responsibility and sexual respect. Further, members of the university community have the responsibility to recognize and challenge forms of sexual misconduct.

Responsibilities for all community members include:

  • Respecting sexual partners and their intentions by listening and obtaining clear, viable consent.
  • Listening carefully to what a date or partner is saying. Remember: "no" means "no", always.
  • Asking for clarification if mixed messages occur. Don’t guess about what a partner may or may not want.
  • Speaking out. Don’t allow others to make jokes about rape, or derogatory comments which condone violence.
  • Intervening. If you think a person is going to engage in non-consensual sexual behavior or if you think someone may experience unwanted sexual behavior, do something before it happens while keeping yourself safe.
  • Supporting friends, family members and partners who have been assaulted. Let them know it was not their fault and encourage them to follow up with available resources.
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