If you are injured, seek medical attention.

Health Services in Bishop Wellness Center can perform a medical examination for injury post assault (this does not include forensic evidence collection). Medications for possible sexually transmitted infection exposure and pregnancy prevention are offered to survivors at no cost. Bishop is located on the South Side of Baxter Hall Complex and is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Telephone: 503-370-6062.

Salem Hospital Emergency Department performs medical examinations for injury and forensic evidence collection after an assault. Medications for possible sexually transmitted infection exposure and pregnancy prevention are offered to survivors at no cost. A trained advocate will be provided to support survivors during the visit. Reporting to Law Enforcement can be facilitated, but is NOT REQUIRED to access care. For the best collection of evidence, do not shower, bathe, or brush your teeth before going to the hospital. If possible, save all of the clothing you were wearing at the time of the assault and place each item of clothing in a separate paper bag. Bring these items with you. The Salem Hospital Emergency Department is located across Bellevue Street from Willamette University, on the corner of Bellevue and Winter streets at 665 Winter Street SE.

Seek Out Confidential Support Options

Students may obtain absolutely confidential assistance and access campus resources by speaking with a confidential resource person at one of the following entities:

The Gender Resource & Advocacy Center is located in the Loft of Montag Center. It is staffed by confidential advocates along with our peer advocates, the Sexual Assault Response Advocates. Individuals can seek information about student rights, reporting options, referrals to campus resources, and assistance contacting law enforcement, medical care or state services and community organizations off campus. For more information about how a confidential advocate can support a student who has been impacted by sexual misconduct, please see our FAQ page. Contact: confidential-advocate@willamette.edu or SARA-resources@willamette.edu

Lisa Logan, Director of the Gender Resource Advocacy Center, Montag Loft, 503-375-5361. The Director of the GRAC is a confidential advocate and oversees prevention coordination at the university. Individuals can seek information about their rights, review reporting options and resources, and access remedies needed to ameliorate the effects of sexual violence.

Counseling Services in Bishop Wellness Center provides confidential counseling for survivors, friends, partners and individuals accused of sexual misconduct by appointment and emergency appointments available for urgent needs. Telephone: 503-370-6471.

WUTalk - WUTalk is a 24-hour telephone crisis counseling support line. When you call WUTalk, you will be connected to a call center staffed by Masters and Ph.D. level counselors familiar with Willamette's resources. Calls are free and confidential. Your contact with WUTalk will not become part of your academic record, but the counselors at Bishop Wellness Center will be notified that you called so they can follow up with you as needed. Contact WUTalk by calling 503-375-5353.

The Chaplain works with all members of the Willamette community including those who are religious and non-religious regarding spiritual, ethical, vocational, and personal issues. Located on the 2nd floor of the Putnam University Center, she is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Telephone: 503-370-6213.

Center for Hope & Safety is our community agency that provides support for victims and survivors in the Salem area and Marion County. The agency is located only a few blocks from campus and offers a confidential 24-hour hotline: 503-399-7722.

Consider Other Non-Confidential Resources

Support Resources, on and off-campus support

Campus Safety, available 24 hours a day: 503-370-6911

The following individuals are responsible for the university's response to reports of sexual misconduct involving students and employees:

Ann James, University Deputy Title IX Coordinator. Willamette's Title IX Coordinator oversees and monitors the university's compliance with Title IX, and is the appeals officer for sexual misconduct involving University employees.

Olivia Munoz, Dean of Students for Community, Care, and Inclusion, University Center, 503-370-6810.

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Justin Leibowitz, Assistant Dean of Community, Care, and Inclusion, 503-375-5381

Leslie Shevlin, Associate Director of Athletics, Sparks Center, 503-370-6506

Dave Sundby, Assistant Dean of Students AGSM, Mudd Building Room 113, 503-370-6111

Melodye Mac Alpine, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration, College of Law, Law 406, 503-370-6078

Dana Monaghan, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, University Services Building, Room 102D, 503-375-5445

Law Enforcement

Salem Police Department
Students can report sexual misconduct that may also violate the law to the police. Salem Police can be reached 24/7 at the following numbers: 911 (emergency) or 503-588-6123 (for any situation where the crime has already occurred and the alleged perpetrator is not present).

Willamette University

The Office of Student Affairs

Putnam University Center Third floor
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