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Sexual assault is an issue in every community, and Willamette University is committed to being at the forefront of institutions confronting this issue. Willamette University is committed to fostering a supportive learning community. Sexual misconduct in any form is a direct violation of this commitment and will not be tolerated, whether it occurs on or off campus and regardless of who is involved (students, staff, faculty, university community and guests). It undermines the trust and respect essential in an institution of higher learning, can create a hostile learning, working, and/or living environment, and represents a breach of specific provisions of the student code of conduct.

Seeking Support and Care

We strongly encourage students to obtain immediate medical attention and seek support and care by disclosing incidents of sexual misconduct to someone who can connect them to support resources. This may be achieved by contacting one of the resources listed on the Support Resources page, or simply by completing the online reporting form.

Multiple Options

A student seeking support for sexual misconduct has multiple options, described on the Sexual Misconduct and Title IX site and in the policy. The university is committed to helping students connect with the resources they want and need while respecting the student’s wishes regarding what next steps they choose to make. Students have access to resources that are totally confidential, as well as assistance with filing formal complaints with the Office of Student Affairs and with law enforcement.

Japanese Translation: General Title IX information

Sexual Misconduct Resources for Students/学生のための性的不正行為に関する情報

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