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Note Taking Applications

There are a variety of assistive technology types for note taking. Accessible Education Services (AES) provides assistance in selecting an assistive technology method that fits best with your learning style.

    • Our newest and most effective Note Taking service! Contact us if you’d like to be invited to try this free method. Available on all types of devices and platforms; when recording audio: transcribes simultaneously, able to annotate notes while recording, time stamp on every annotation, and capturing new information in class to summarize in your own time, making it easy to navigate.
  • Smart pens
    • Handheld device that records lectures and syncs the writing of your notes to the audio. AES office provides smart pens on loan for those with an assistive technology for note taking accommodation.
  • Evernote
    • Available across devices; auto-syncs across devices; requires Wi-Fi; does have free version but only includes the following functions: formatting tables and attachments, collect web clippings and screenshots, record audio notes, create to-do lists with checkboxes, take notes with stylus on mobile devices, highlight, annotate or comment on images, search and access notes (sort and organize, search text inside images), and share a notebook with one or more people (set permissions for sharing); offers different priced subscriptions
  • AudioNote
    • Available on all types of devices and platforms; timestamps written notes to sync with audio; able to draw notes; does not require Wi-Fi; drag in photos and create shapes; save and export files
  • Notability
    • Available in the Apple App store; must purchase subscription; does not require Wi-Fi; can draw in app and sync Apple pen to iOS device; add images, PDFs and audio recordings; can highlight; will map typed words with recording when using external or built-in keyboard to type; upload documents to app
  • OneNote
    • Included in MSOffice Suite (including the free MSOffice Suite provided to all Willamette students); syncs across devices; multiple types of media can be put into the notes; record audio while taking notes; import PDFs and add comments; limited speech-to-text dictation; same formatting options as MSWord; notes easily searched; dictation language can be changed as well as typing language; can draw and type on the same page

Please note that these applications may or may not be free. If you discover any other resources that you think Accessible Education Services should include in this list, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at 503-370-6737 / 503-370-8918.

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