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Zoom Transcription and Captioning Options

There are a variety of options available for captioning or transcribing Zoom videos. Below is a list of options that are available.

Zoom Auto-generated Transcription: Included with Zoom. Zoom can provide an auto-generated transcription of a recorded meeting or class session, but it's not real time. You simply record the Zoom session and then run it through the transcription service and in about an hour, the transcription is available.

Zoom Captions: Zoom has an interface that allows a live transcriber (real person) to add captions real time. These will be available to all Zoom participants. There may be a charge for this service.

Third Party Real-time Auto-Generated Transcription & Captions, Integrated with Zoom: Many third party auto-transcribers can take the input to a microphone and translate it real-time, using a form of artificial intelligence. Some of these can be integrated with Zoom to make it easy to initiate the real-time transcription (e.g. Otter) or display the output in Zoom captions (e.g. Streamer). Both of these examples are not entirely seamless to use with Zoom, as they require some tweaking in each section. If the faculty member has a license/account, then the students can see the output without having a license/account.

Web Captioner: Free, only works in Chrome. Students can have Web Captioner running during a class session, and it will do a real-time transcription of all sound. The professor doesn't even need to know they have it on. This can work for remote students or in-class students who have a laptop and internet connection.

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