Sport Club Leadership Resources

Below are resources for sport clubs. If you have any questions about the materials below, please contact Anabel Ohsman at

Due to COVID-19 Sports Clubs MUST submit a proposal on how you plan to gather as a team.

Here are the protocols you must institute if your group is gathering.  When you enter this website scroll down to the event planning checklist.

Once you understand what is required of your group then you can submit a COVID-19 ROC proposal for programming.  This proposal will then be reviewed by the committee and then you will receive an email letting you know you are cleared to move forward.  Until the proposal is approved, then no Sport Club should be gathering.  As part of your proposal you must add Anabel as an individual that must get emailed once your proposal is approved.  This way Anabel knows you are able to moving forward in good faith.

Visit our Sport Clubs Leadership page for more information.




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