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Education, Culture & Society Career Community

If you're drawn to this career community, you probably love to learn—about people, places, art forms, and the societies that link them together. Professors, teachers, scholars, researchers; discover one of the many paths for Willamette's curious minds and critical thinkers. The skills required to succeed in these roles enable you to move from one industry to another. So in or out of the classroom, you can share and communicate your scholarship to the wider world.



  • Academic Librarian
  • Academic Publishing
  • Archivist
  • Editor
  • Grant-Writer/Developer
  • Higher Education Leadership
  • Historic Preservation
  • K-12 Teacher
  • Museum Curator
  • Museum Education and/or Docent Coordinator
  • Non-Profit Administration
  • Researcher, all disciplines
  • University Professor

Sample Work Settings

Museums (art or cultural), Archives, Academia/Higher Education, Research Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, K-12 Schools, Peace Corps, International Fellowships



  • Academic Research & Writing
  • Archival Skills
  • Art Curation
  • Grant Writing
  • Historical/Preservation Databases
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking & Presenting
  • Teaching & Instruction
  • Writing & Editing

Internships Map

Select a marker on the map to learn about specific internships Willamette students have pursued.

Internships for Credit

Career Development can support students seeking academic credit for internships. In order to earn internship credit, students must be enrolled in our Internship for Academic credit course.

Fast Facts

Individualized career advising helps WU students achieve goals throughout their college careers.

  • of WU undergrads do at least one internship during their time at WU

    of graduates are either working or in graduate school 6 months after graduation

    of WU Grads go directly to graduate or professional programs

    One:One Career Advising appointments completed per year in Career Development

Alumni Highlight

Elena Familetto, ’19

Majors: Archaeology and Environmental Science

Current Role: PhD Candidate in Archaeology, Geoarchaeology & Palaeogeography: Utrecht University (Netherlands)

What Elena Plans to do: Teach at the university level

What Elena Studies: Elena combines archaeology and earth science. Her PhD project is related to the transition from hunting and gathering to crop cultivation in Europe. In the Netherlands where Elena works, 8000-year-old soil lies below meters of sediment deposited by rivers but thanks to extensive data from cores, the country’s palaeogeography has been mapped and we can pinpoint certain landscape features of the right age and conditions suitable for farming. Elena works with an interdisciplinary team from cultural heritage, archaeology, geology, geography, and climate science to better understand how people managed cultivation in wetland environments while also assisting with thesis supervision and classes related to landscape reconstruction and fieldwork.

Elena Familetto

Advice from Elena

“Ask and connect. Ask for help, ask questions, ask about opportunities, ask people you know, ask people you don’t know, and if you have nothing to ask, then express interest. Making connections is key. And it’s ok if plans change! Navigating a career isn’t a linear progression and you might discover something is or isn’t for you only after you’ve tried it.”

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