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This is one of the most popular career communities among current undergraduates. Virtually any Willamette major — from psychology to economics — can be useful for teaching or a career that incorporates youth advocacy. 

Current students can intern at organizations such as Bush Elementary School, The Center for Hope and Safety, Family Building Blocks and the Salem Family Literacy Program.

Cocurricular options and resources

Willamette Academy is our own 8-12 grade college achievement program, where students regularly serve as mentors and instructors. 

We also have strong relationships with programs like Teach for AmericaJET, and the Peace Corps, all of which prepare students for countless careers including social service, counseling and education. Other options include: 

Andrea Cobb ’04

Alumni Story: Education Policy

Andrea Cobb ’04

Cobb, a sociology major and first generation student, considered a career in education policy after taking a public policy class. Willamette set her life on a different trajectory — she discovered how education opened people's eyes to their passion and skills. Cobb went on to complete an M.A. in public administration and now works as the executive director of a center in the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in Olympia, Washington.

Emilio Solano ’09

Alumni Story: Leadership

Emilio Solano ’09

Solano, a history and American ethnic studies major, is the executive director of Willamette Academy. A former Academy tutor, he says he is working to “build bridges to places students never dreamed before.” Solano previously worked as a middle school teacher and dean of students in Los Angeles.

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