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Imagine graduating with one or more publications on your resume — all thanks to a year spent on-campus in a research lab or a summer immersed in data.

Students here have a rare opportunity to partner with faculty members on research projects, often taking on roles with high levels of responsibility and creativity.

Willamette’s research opportunities help students develop mentorship relationships with faculty, and strengthen potential applications for graduate and/or professional school.

Some decide to continue lab work and pursue grants and internships. Others use research as a springboard to launch a career in the sciences.

No matter the ultimate goal, these opportunities help students determine the next step in their scientific career.

Academic opportunities

An education at Willamette prepares you to adapt and be flexible — valuable skills in a world where technology shifts transform industries and alter job responsibilities.

Whatever academic program you pursue, classes and experiences are designed to connect across disciplines. Critical thinking, problem-solving and team-building are essential to successful careers. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to build these skills through on- and off-campus experiences here. 

We offer majors, minors and special programs at the undergraduate level: 

Cocurricular options and resources

Our real-world experiences outside of class help you develop valuable skills for your career — and give you a head start. 

Kaeli Swift ’09

Alumni Story: Science

Kaeli Swift ’09

Thanks to encouragement by her professor-mentors at Willamette, Swift, a biology major, pursued her interest in bird behavior. She later won a National Science Foundation fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle and now she's been able to fulfill her passion for animal behavior through research and teaching. Her research on the American crow was highlighted in a 2017 feature by Seattle Met.

Scott Tomlins ’01

Alumni Story: Medicine

Scott Tomlins ’01

Scott Tomlins ’01, biology major, debated pursuing career as a researcher or a medical doctor. In the end, he became both — today, he's a physician and scientist at the University of Michigan Medical School at Ann Arbor. At Willamette, he received a summer undergraduate research fellowship through Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, which inspired him to pursue a career in research. 

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