These instructions are for the MacOS Mail application.

New Account Setup

  1. Open your Mac's System Preferences
  2. Click Internet Accounts
  3. Click the Google button on the right side of the window
  4. On the Google Sign in prompt:
    1. Enter your Willamette E-mail address:
    2. Click Next
    3. Enter your Willamette network account password and click Next
    4. Complete any 2-step verification prompts that may appear (not applicable if you do not use 2-step verification)
  5. Select the types of data that should sync with your Mac. Mail must be selected to use the MacOS Mail application
  6. Click Done

It should not be necessary to enter any email server settings when using this method; MacOS Mail will automatically configure itself to connect to Gmail. If you do not immediately see your emails appear in MacOS Mail, you may have to check Gmail's Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings to ensure that IMAP is enabled.

Changing Your Password

Newer version of MacOS do not provide a straightforward way to change an email account's password. The recommended method is disconnecting your email account from your Mac and re-adding it.

  1. Open your Mac's System Preferences
  2. Click Internet Accounts
  3. Click on your Willamette Google account.
  4. Click the small - button at the bottom of the list of accounts.
  5. Your account (with the old saved password) should now be removed from your Mac. You can re-add it (with the new password) by following the New Account Setup steps above.
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