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Transfer Student Advising Manual

This manual is designed to help you choose a course schedule for the fall semester building on your previous college experience and coursework.

Course Selection and Registration for Transfer Students

As you consider your options, keep in mind the experience and credits you bring with you and the values of the liberal arts education you are about to pursue. We hope that you will plan wisely and develop your interests and aspirations so that your time at Willamette will be an excellent means of education.

The Willamette phase of your college education will increase your ability to think, to speak, to reason and to write with precision, depth, and cogency. With these abilities you can move successfully to your chosen career, profession, or graduate program. You will discover that our primary educational goal, to foster in you the life-long habits of independent learning, is pervasive in the campus culture.

Our second goal is that you choose courses and co-curricular activities that will enrich your aesthetic and moral sensibilities. Your courses should confront you with ethical problems, help you develop your own value judgments, and enhance your appreciation of art, literature, music, and nature.

Third, we hope you will develop a scholarly knowledge of human nature, mathematics, modern society, the natural world, other cultures and other times. In each of these areas you will discover different modes of inquiry - ways of exploring and explaining, of making sense of the world and our place within it.

What follows is an explanation of how these educational goals are realized within the framework of Willamette University general education requirements, your choice of major and other facets of the curriculum. As you read through this booklet you will need the CAS Catalog, Fall Course Schedule, and your vision. You will also need to give this Advising Manual your serious and thoughtful attention, as we expect you to reflect on both the University's goals and your own as you plan for the coming semester and beyond.

First year & transfer student checklist

There are a few tasks you need to complete before you will begin your journey at Willamette. Once you have created your Willamette email account, you will be able to access your personal checklist.

Student Checklist

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