We probably have not anticipated all of the questions you might have during this exercise, so please keep track of others as they occur to you. Please read this information and review the Catalog; we think that these will give you a good idea of how to begin. Willamette also has several web sites that might help you to answer additional questions. The following is a list of Web sites that you may find useful.

Useful Web sites

As a transfer student you have been assigned an advisor based on your academic interest and potential major. Your advisor is prepared to give you the general advice most needed by any entering student and to help you consider your long-term educational goals and opportunities. When you first consult with your advisor before the beginning of classes, she or he will review your course preferences to be sure that you are appropriately started on meeting University and major requirements.

Once you move beyond your first semester at Willamette, you can change advisors at any time by filing a simple form in the Registrar's Office. Since we believe the student/advisor relationship to be a very important one, we certainly encourage students to be proactive about choosing an advisor.

Of course, there are others with whom you may consult at any time, too. The University Registrar can answer questions about credit transfers or other technical issues. The Career Services office is prepared to assist you in clarifying goals and potential career opportunities, and then advise you accordingly if you have questions about how your course selection plays into career planning. The student Opening Days staff can also provide some valuable insight, including recommendations based on their own experiences with the faculty and courses at Willamette. Other faculty and staff will also be happy to answer questions and offer advice. After all, the academic endeavor will be at the heart of your Willamette experience, so we have a vested interest in seeing that you receive a challenging and rewarding education.

A transfer student information meeting will be scheduled in August. This is one of the first official times when you can ask questions. At this meeting, you will have lunch with your faculty academic advisor and your faculty advisor will help you finalize your fall schedule, introduce you to other campus resources, and discuss your academic interests and aspirations with you.

If you have questions which are not answered in this manual, you may contact one of the following people with your questions:

Summer Advising: advising@willamette.edu
Credit & Technical Questions: Registrar's Office, 1-503-370-6206; registrar@willamette.edu

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Transfer Student Advising

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