It is a good idea to sketch out a plan of your courses for each semester until your graduation. This plan can always be amended, but it will help you see how you can satisfy all graduation requirements in the allotted number of semesters. After reviewing all of the materials you will select a course schedule for the fall. Contact the Associate Dean for Student Success (503-370-6737 or as soon as possible to pre-register for fall semester.

As a transfer student you must plan your schedule carefully. In general, transfer students must satisfy all of the degree requirements at a faster pace than students who enter as freshmen. Graduating on schedule will require careful planning. Before choosing your classes for your first semester, carefully consider your transfer credits, your major and general education requirements and how many semesters you plan on being at Willamette. The catalog includes a wealth of information on majors, requirements, policies and opportunities. The online version of the Catalog is kept up to date. There are "Quick Links" on the left to link to general University policies and requirements, specific department and program information, including all course descriptions, are given under the "Jump to a Discipline" on the left. If you are interested in a particular major, read over the requirements carefully. Sequenced courses in the major may influence your fall course preferences. The current Fall Course Schedule lists all fall semester courses, and the Catalog lists other options which may be available in future semesters.

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