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Distinguished Faculty

Willamette University

Interdisciplinary research project serves at the intersection of public health and environmental science

04.04.2024 | Melanie Moyer

A contract with Marion and Polk Counties’ Health Departments brings together students and faculty to address environmental health hazards through civic-engaged learning.

Willamette University

Supporting and valuing women in tech: Five questions with Assistant Professor of Data Science Kristen Gore

03.14.2024 | Paul McKean

Assistant Professor of Data Science Kristen Gore discusses gender inequities in technology fields and what can be done to address them.

Willamette University

Gilbert Park awarded Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence

05.05.2023 | Jennifer Bush

Assistant Professor of Finance Seongkyu (Gilbert) Park has been named the recipient of the 2023 Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence.

Willamette University

Willamette University receives grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute to advance inclusion in STEM


The grant will support Willamette’s ongoing efforts to create inclusive and equitable learning environments for STEM students.

Willamette University

Jake Hoskins appointed to Guy F. Atkinson Professorship

02.06.2023 | Jennifer Johnson

Jake Hoskins, Assistant Professor of Data Science and Marketing appointed to the Guy F. Atkinson Professorship, will enhance AGSM's focus on social impact.

Willamette University

'The Conversation Project' prepares students for crucial dialogues

11.08.2022 | Linda Lenhoff

Willamette professors recognized the need for active listening and constructive discourse at this divisive historical moment.

Willamette University

Aerial technology breaks new ground in ancient Greece

08.02.2022 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette students recently spent six weeks conducting drone and field reconnaissance projects in the country.

Willamette University

Fiske Guide names Willamette as one of the best colleges for 2023

07.28.2022 | Marketing and Communications

The university is included once again in the popular college guide.

Willamette University

Rohan Grey visits University of Manchester

04.26.2022 | Sarah Bello

Assistant Professor Rohan Grey of Willamette Law visits University of Manchester, focusing on law, money, and technology, enhancing global financial expertise.

Willamette University

CCM Associate Professor Vincent Pham wins Graves Award 


Willamette's Vincent Pham wins Arnold L. Graves and Lois S. Graves Award in Humanities for his work on Asian American documentary film and media studies.

Willamette University

Former senior statistician at HP joins data science faculty

03.21.2022 | Jennifer Johnson

Kristen Gore, a senior statistician at HP, joins Willamette University as assistant professor, bringing expertise and a passion for responsible data governance.

Willamette University

Heather Kitada Smalley awarded Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence


Heather Kitada Smalley, Albaugh Assistant Professor of Statistics, earns the 2022 Renjen Prize for her impactful teaching and groundbreaking research.

Willamette University

Scholar of virtual reality in education to teach computer science at Willamette

02.25.2022 | Jennifer Johnson

Excited to join Willamette as an assistant professor of computer science, Fred Agbo brings innovation and a passion for student-centered education.

Willamette University

Surrealism, counterculture and the anti-work movement

12.13.2021 | Jennifer Johnson

Three books by Associate Professor Abigail Susik demonstrate Surrealism’s lasting relevance.

Willamette University

New cybersecurity, data courses offer human-centered approach

12.02.2021 | Jennifer Johnson

At Willamette, new cybersecurity and data classes led by Prof. Deutschbein explore tech issues from a human-centered perspective, integrating ethics.

Willamette University

Nafziger remains an international law force

10.15.2021 | Sarah Bello

Jim Nafziger’s work reflects the importance of international and comparative law to a student’s legal education.

Willamette University

Late Professor Gwynne Skinner’s book published

10.15.2021 | Sarah Bello

Late Willamette Law Professor Gwynne Skinner's book, "Transnational Corporations and Human Rights," completed posthumously, celebrates Skinner's legacy.

Willamette University

Visiting Assistant Professor Brings Human Rights Experience to Willamette Law

09.21.2021 | Sarah Bello

Visiting Prof. Robin Maril brings their Human Rights Campaign experience to Willamette University to teach Constitutional and Admin & Family Law,

Willamette University

Willamette University law dean, Oregon task force recommend alternative pathways to licensure beyond traditional bar exam

06.28.2021 | Willamette University

Oregon's task force proposes alternatives to the bar exam for law grads, emphasizing experiential learning. Willamette University supports these changes

Willamette University

Willamette Law expands law clinic with new faculty appointments

06.24.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

University of Denver Sturm College of Law fellow and longtime distinguished practitioner join the College of Law faculty.

Willamette University

Willamette Law focuses on developing leaders with new course

05.27.2021 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law’s new seminar course, Lawyers & Leadership, provides a unique and individualized approach to legal education that will prepare graduates for leadership roles.

Willamette University

Debra Ringold earns Exemplary Teacher of the Year Award


Debra Ringold, AGSM’s JELD-WEN Professor of Free Enterprise, honored as United Methodist Church’s Exemplary Teacher of the Year for her dedication to students.

Willamette University

Willamette Law Keynote Speaker, Faculty Member of the Year, and Class of 2021 Valedictorian named

05.14.2021 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law welcomes Justice Adrienne C. Nelson as the keynote speaker for the Spring 2021 commencement.

Willamette University

Rosa León Zayas wins Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence

05.04.2021 | Marketing and Communications

Assistant Professor Rosa León Zayas receives the 2021 Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence, honoring her scholarly achievements and commitment to diversity.

Willamette University

Willamette Law offers new courses exploring unique legal topics

05.03.2021 | Sarah Bello

Students interested in continuing their studies have the opportunity to learn about special legal topics in an accelerated course format.

Willamette University

Willamette University College of Law Faculty adopts Statement on Racism, Hate, and Violence

04.22.2021 | Willamette University College of Law

The Willamette Law faculty acknowledges the college's historic obligation to eradicate racism, hatred and violence and calls for action to achieve that end.

Willamette University

Professor Warren Binford accepts endowed chair at University of Colorado

04.19.2021 | Sarah Bello

Professor of Law and Director of the Clinical Law Program will be leaving Willamette Law to become the inaugural W.H. Lea for Justice Endowed Chair for Pediatric Law, Ethics and Policy and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine and Professor of Law at University of Colorado Law School.

Willamette University

Symeonides completes a 30-year project and 7 books in 7 years

04.06.2021 | Sarah Bello

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law Symeon Symeonides has completed a 30-year project. Widely described as the world's leading expert on comparative conflicts law today, Symeonides has also completed seven books in the last seven years.

Willamette University

University Chaplain Karen Wood to retire in July

03.22.2021 | Jennifer Johnson

After two decades of devoted service, Chaplain Karen Wood's retirement leaves a profound impact on the Willamette community. She reflects on her lasting legacy.

Willamette University

Faculty tenure and promotions


Board of Trustees promotes 10 professors from across the university to professor and associate professor with tenure.

Warren Binford, Professor of Law

Willamette Law faculty and alum recognized

09.15.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

Professor Warren Binford and Jackie Sandmeyer JD’19 to be honored by the Oregon American Constitution Society at their annual awards dinner.

Justice Hans A. Linde

Reflecting on the legacy of Justice Hans Linde

09.04.2020 | Willamette University College of Law

Hans A. Linde, longtime instructor at Willamette University College of Law, left an indelible imprint on the legal community in the state of Oregon.

Rohan Grey

Law School's newest professor

08.18.2020 | Sarah Bello

Professor Rohan Grey joins Willamette Law. Grey's research focuses on the legal design and regulation of money and finance.

College of Law

Staying Connected

07.27.2020 | Sarah Bello

Willamette Law adapts swiftly to COVID-19, transitioning to remote learning and planning a flexible approach for fall 2020 to prioritize student experience.

Willamette University

New dean keeps his ear to the ground and focus on the students

07.01.2020 | Sarah Bello

New Dean Brian Gallini brings advocacy, leadership, and student-centeredness to Willamette Law, fostering inclusivity and connection within the institution.

Willamette University

Curtis Bridgeman returns to law faculty

06.30.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Bridgeman returns to the faculty after seven years in administration, serving as dean for the College of Law.

Willamette University

Norman Williams returns to faculty

06.11.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Norman Williams concludes his seventh and final year as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the College of Law.

Assistant Director of Career Management Jonathan Scrimenti

MBA students Zoom toward interview success

05.06.2020 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette students practice virtual interviews, how to tell their story through workshops.

Professor Emeritus Eric S. Roberts speaks at podium

Leading computer science expert to teach at Willamette

04.30.2020 | Ruth P. Feingold, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Willamette names Stanford Professor Emeritus Eric S. Roberts the 2020–21 Mark and Melody Teppola Presidential Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Face mask

Willamette faculty, staff produce hundreds of face coverings for community

04.30.2020 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette University faculty distributed 200+ handmade masks to students while Assistant Professor Daniel Borrero donated 45 face shields to a medical facility

Associate Professor of English Mike Chasar

Associate Professor Mike Chasar publishes new book

04.29.2020 | Jennifer Johnson

Communication by new media consumes much of our lives these days, yet one of the world’s oldest art forms continues to prove its relevance.

Dave Griffin stands in front of a classroom lecturing

Dave Griffith wins Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence


Dave Griffith, tenured assistant chemistry prof at Willamette, wins 2020 Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence, recognizing his teaching and research.

Scott Pike's archaeology class

Students join city of Salem to work on historic project

04.20.2020 | Jennifer Johnson

A question related to Salem’s biggest historical figure united Willamette students with the city to find the answer.

Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior Ashley E. Nixon

COVID-19: Perspectives and Insights


Willamette University professors respond to the pandemic by answering questions in their fields of expertise.

Professor Kirk pours solution into a beaker

Willamette chemists help distillery boost sanitizer production


Chemistry department helps Divine Distillers increase hand sanitizer production by donating and prepping materials. The Print Center and graphic designers provided labels.

Stained glass window of a cardinal W in Cone Chapel, detail shot

Faculty tenure announced

03.04.2020 | Marketing and Communications

Board of Trustees promotes eight professors in the College of Arts and Sciences to associate professor with tenure.

Professor Steven Green headshot

Willamette College of Law professor cited in recent Supreme Court case

02.10.2020 | Cindy Cromwell

Steven K. Green’s research generates significant media buzz as the nation’s highest court hears arguments in the case of Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue.

Stephen Patterson

Religion professor wins Grawemeyer Award in Religion


Stephen Patterson, George H. Atkinson professor of religious and ethical studies, recently received a $100,000 prize and the 2020 Grawemeyer Award, an honor recognizing the most outstanding idea in religion, music composition, world order, psychology and education.

United Nations building

Willamette Law clinic students submit report to United Nations Human Rights Council

11.25.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette Law students submit a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council on U.S. children’s rights violations, a culmination of their clinical experience.

Symeonides drafts international model law on Internet conflicts of laws

Symeonides drafts international model law on internet conflicts of laws

10.01.2019 | Willamette College of Law

Professor Symeon C. Symeonides adds another success to his record of law reform by drafting an international model law on conflicts of laws for the IDI.

Katherine Skovira head shot

Willamette welcomes new opera chair


Katherine Skovira, a mezzo-soprano, joins Willamette University as the Johanna Beckham Zeller and Norman K. Zeller Endowed Chair in Voice and Opera.

Faculty member talks to international students and their families at event he hosts at his house.

Willamette faculty, staff foster strong relationships with students

09.11.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Making students feel supported and welcomed is a priority.

head shots of George Gu, Katherine Skovira, and Anusha Ramesh

New tenure-track faculty start the year


Willamette welcomes three tenure-track faculty members in the College of Liberal Arts and Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

Warren Binford

Living Willamette’s motto, law professor protects children’s rights

08.06.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Warren Binford continues to shine light on children’s treatment at U.S. border facilities.

student and professor crouch over a computer screen next to a microscope

Willamette ranks among the best universities for student and staff interaction

08.06.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

Student satisfaction places university at No. 8 nationwide.

logo: featured in 2020 Fiske Guide to Colleges

Fiske guide features Willamette as a top college


The 2020 Fiske Guide to Colleges hails Willamette University for its student-focused faculty, collaborative environment and commitment to service and diversity.

Warren Binford

Professor Binford describes conditions at the border

06.25.2019 | Tom Mayhall Rastrelli

Willamette Law’s Warren Binford and a team of lawyers find hundreds of children being neglected and living in dangerous conditions.

kyle roadman

Willamette MBA Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Roadman

04.28.2019 | Jennifer Bush

In 2017, Kyle Roadman MBA'06 received the Robert E. Roundtree Rising Star Award granted by the American Public Power Association.

prof andrew kach

Willamette MBA’s Andrew Kach honored

04.28.2019 | Marketing MBA

Assistant professor of operations and supply chain management receives the Renjen Prize for Faculty Excellence.

Curtis Bridgeman

Bridgeman to step down as law dean

04.17.2019 | President Steve Thorsett

After the 2019–20 academic year, Curtis Bridgeman will return to teaching at Willamette Law.

Professors Cotlar and Ellis

Professors Cotlar and Ellis edit new presidential history book

04.02.2019 | Jennifer Johnson

‘Historian in Chief’ examines how 11 presidents shaped history through storytelling, education and action.

Neil Berquist ’09, MBA ’10

The future of the digital economy

02.26.2019 | Daniel F. Le Ray

Alumni and faculty discuss the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how digital economies may be quietly revolutionizing the business world.

Melissa Buis Michaux

Faculty receive promotions or tenure

02.26.2019 | University Communications

Faculty from all three colleges recognized for teaching excellence, scholarly accomplishment.

Chris Garrett

Willamette Law adjunct professor appointed to Oregon Supreme Court

01.23.2019 | Sarah Bello

Gov. Kate Brown recently named Justice Chris Garrett to the court.

Associate Professor of Music John Doan

‘Christmas Unplugged’ makes final appearance at Willamette

12.11.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

John Doan bids farewell to Willamette University after 41 years, performing his cherished holiday tradition "Christmas Unplugged" one final time.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry David Griffith and research student Logan Vine ’17

Faculty-student collaborative research gains national visibility

12.05.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Study of halogenated estrogens leads to publication, audio story on NPR.

Neil Bergquist standing in front of all attendees

Willamette MBA alumni pave the way for the future of blockchain technology

11.16.2018 | Tynan Gable MBA'19 and Bryan Martz MBA'19

Willamette students and alumni from all three schools came together to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency from our own distinguished alumni Neil Bergquist '09, MBA '10 and Nathan Love '05, MBA '06.

Assistant Professor of Biology Rosa León-Zayas, Karen Espinoza ’19, Moncerrad Barajas Gomez ’21, Arianna Cannady ’19, Kat Vazquez ’21, Dayton Towata ’19  and Jash Sekai ’19.

Students find ‘all races, all research fields’ represented at science conference

11.13.2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette students present summer research at the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science conference.

Mike Hand

Working together for a ‘strong future’ for Willamette MBA

10.29.2018 | President Steve Thorsett

Professor Michael Hand will serve as interim dean of the Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

Curtis Bridgeman stands in front of the entrance to Willamette University School of Law

Bridgeman named to Wendt Chair in Business Law


Curtis Bridgeman, dean of the Willamette University College of Law, has been appointed to the Roderick and Carol Wendt Chair in Business Law.

A graphic image of an overhead view of city blocks of tall buildings with the text "Willamette University MBA Blockchain: The Revolution Extends Beyond Cryptocurrency November 7 2018"

Willamette MBA to host special event on blockchain technology

10.23.2018 | Daniel Johnson

Open to the entire WU community, the evening’s program will include a networking and social hour, an informational presentation and a panel discussion featuring AGSM and WU professors.

Gunnar Gundersen

TIUA’s Gundersen to retire in December

10.09.2018 | Carol Long

For more than 30 years, Gunnar Gundersen, executive vice president of Tokyo International University America, has been instrumental in building the American Studies Program and developing the lasting integration between Willamette and TIUA.

Cindy Richards

Professor Richards receives national award for teaching excellence


The civic communication and media professor was lauded for using civic engagement and experiential projects to help students learn.

Cooper Battle, Bill Forster head shots

New tenure-track faculty start the year at Willamette

09.02.2018 | University Communications

Willamette welcomes two tenure-track faculty members who work in the College of Liberal Arts and Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

Headshots of the seven faculty award winners

2018 Faculty Awards announced


The university celebrated seven outstanding faculty members at Opening Convocation.

Willamette Academy student smiles while sitting in a classroom

Willamette professors volunteer at academy summer camps

08.02.2018 | Tina Owen

The camps offer local high-schoolers a firsthand glimpse of life as a college student.

Featured in Fiske Guide to Colleges logo

Willamette featured in ‘Fiske Guide to Colleges 2019’


Best-selling guide features some 300 of the “best and most interesting” colleges.

Professor Joseph “Chuck” Williamson

Professor Chuck Williamson appointed to Taul Watanabe Chair in the Sciences


The chemistry professor aims to increase science research opportunities for Willamette undergraduates.

drawing of Scrabble-like letter tiles scattered on a game board with some tiles spelling “Questions of Truth”

Questions of Truth

05.29.2018 | Tina Owen

Willamette faculty and staff discuss how the university prepares students to separate fact from fiction in an information-saturated world.

Debra Ringold, dean of Atkinson Graduate School of Management, walks with her horse Larry

Tools of my trade — dressage

05.24.2018 | Tina Owen

How does the dean of a management school relax in her spare time? By entering with a trusted partner into a new venture that demands intense concentration, the willingness to learn — and occasional broken ribs.

Bioscientist Travis Stiles ’05 stands in his lab

Not Unto Ourselves Alone with Travis Stiles ’05


Bioscientist Travis Stiles ’05 explains how three professors and a fraternity brother inspired his potentially life-saving research.

Professor Seth Cotlar lands national lectureship


Willamette Professor of History Seth Cotlar joins the very prestigious 2018 OAH Distinguished Lecturers, promoting understanding of U.S. history.

Students in two lines face the audience singing in "Wings of Fire"

‘Wings of Fire’ makes world premiere at Willamette

04.16.2018 | Department of Theatre

Director Susan Coromel and composer Austin Green discuss the evolution and staging of the musical based on a tragic fire that shaped workers’ rights in the U.S.

Professor of Law Laura Appleman sits at a table with three students having a discussion

Law Professor Laura Appleman appointed to named professorship

04.16.2018 | Russell Yost MBA’05

She will become the Van Winkle Melton Professor of Law.

Professor Ricardo De Mambro Santos speaks to three students about an exhibit in Hatfield library

Nine faculty receive tenure, promotion


President Steve Thorsett and the Board of Trustees recognize faculty members’ teaching excellence, scholarly or creative accomplishment, and university and community service.

Associate Professor Jonathan Cole teaches the art of stage combat to Will Bremer ’18 (left) and William Forkin ’19.

Tools of my trade — stage combat

12.20.2017 | Jen Johnson

Enter Associate Professor Jonathan Cole’s stage combat classroom.

In the early 1920s, students pose on the front steps of Lausanne Hall, which housed Willamette’s Women’s College.

HerStory: Notable women throughout Willamette’s history

12.20.2017 | Kristin Ohlson

In its 175th year, the university celebrates the presence and impact of women.

Professor Warren Binford

Law professor receives US Alumni TIES grant

12.13.2017 | Kendra Mingo

Warren Binford receives grant to combat trafficking of child sex abuse images online.

Law Professor Gwynne Skinner passed away December 11, 2017.

Remembering Professor Gwynne Skinner

12.12.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law is saddened to announce the passing of one of its most gracious, enthusiastic and accomplished professors.

Assistant Professor Cindy Koenig Richards

Civic Communication and Media program receives national recognition

12.04.2017 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette’s CCM major prepares students to make influential, ethical contributions to civic life.

Clean energy, legislation and language

11.20.2017 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette’s faculty colloquium tackles climate change at the ballot.

Wallace Long conducting

Choir alumni celebrate their community of music

11.13.2017 | Jennifer Johnson

Former Willamette singers return to campus for a special reunion and a remarkable professor.

Bird walk

Up with the lark for Willamette walks

10.30.2017 | Jennifer Johnson

Willamette students, faculty learn about birds and identify species.

Law Prof. Paul Diller submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court for the case Gill v. Whitford. He was assisted by 2L Mick Harris.

Prof. Paul Diller submits amicus curiae brief to Supreme Court

10.25.2017 | Sarah Carlson

Willamette Law Prof. Paul Diller recently submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court for the case Gill v. Whitford, which was argued Oct. 3.

Saghar Sadeghian teaches in a classroom

Willamette introduces new tenure-track faculty members

09.01.2017 | Jennifer Johnson

Faculty members join departments in the College of Liberal Arts.

faculty awards 2017 Willamette university

2017 Faculty Awards announced


Seven outstanding faculty members honored at Opening Convocation.

David Douglass

David Douglass to join College of Idaho as dean of faculty and VP for academic affairs


He will transition to his new role at the conclusion of the academic year.

David Griffith

Chemistry professor secures $325K National Science Foundation grant

03.20.2017 | Jennifer Johnson

David Griffith and senior research students study estrogen in aquatic environments.

Six faculty granted tenure for 2017–18 academic year


The university recognized Anna Cox, Brandi Row Lazzarini, Roy Pérez, Abigail Susik, Karen Sandrik and Kawika Pierson for their teaching, scholarship and service.

Tim Johnson

AGSM professor awarded endowed professorship

12.12.2016 | University Communications

Tim Johnson will become the third Grace and Elmer Goudy Professor of Public Management and Policy Analysis.

Bill Duvall Willamette University professor

Life of the mind

08.01.2016 | Tina Owen

As history professor Bill Duvall retires after 45 years at Willamette, we look at how he and other legendary faculty members have helped students discover the enduring benefits of a liberal arts education.

Ed Warnock, CEO and contributing associate professor for Willamette MBA

Warnock aims for the stratosphere as Perlan CEO

06.22.2016 | Adam Torgerson

Ed Warnock leads the record-setting Perlan Project.

Willamette University

HR faculty member honored through named award

04.04.2016 | Russell Yost MBA'05

The Lisbeth Claus Trail Blazer Award recognizes professionals furthering the development of global HR practices.

Willamette ranked top producer of Fulbright Scholars

02.22.2016 | Erin Dahl

Two Willamette faculty members became scholars in 2015-16.

art exhibition

Students explored meaning of art in “PIECES and PARTS”

02.08.2016 | Erin Dahl

Inspired by an art history class, the exhibition relied on student and faculty collaboration.

Peter Harmer

Professor Peter Harmer earns Oregon mentor award

01.25.2016 | Erin Dahl

Meet Professor Harmer, an exercise science mentor at Willamette, recognized for his tough love approach that pushes students to excel in science and medicine.

Law professor is Willamette's first Fulbright Distinguished Chair


Warren Binford hopes to support the advancement of brain science research focused on child pornography.

Courtney Stevens

Psychology professor wins national teaching award

12.07.2015 | Kendra Mingo

Courtney Stevens is the 2015 recipient of the Jane S. Halonen Teaching Excellence Award.

Symeon Symeonides

Symeonides earns a Lifetime Achievement Award


The American Society of Comparative Law honored Symeonides for his work.

"Inventing a Christian America"

What's God got to do with it?

09.23.2015 | Adam Torgerson

Steve Green explores the origin of America's Christian founding narrative.

Learn more about Willamette's new tenure-track faculty members

08.31.2015 | Erin Dahl

Eight new faculty members share insights on their lives.


SCRP helps students, professors make new scientific discoveries

08.14.2015 | Erin Dahl

Through the program, students learn skills that will help advance their careers.

Laura Appleman

Serving the law and the community


Willamette Law Professor Laura Appleman trains students to practice criminal law.

Ashley Nixon

What will bring you the greatest amount of fulfillment in your work?


Ashley Nixon, assistant professor of human resources, helps her MBA students find out.

Willamette University

Professor shares lessons from visiting Saudi Arabia


Professor Holman encountered many firsts while teaching girls in Saudi Arabia.

Professor Abigail Susik selected to attend national art history seminar


The event is aimed to strengthen the teaching of art history to undergrads.

Seth Cotlar earns two grants to support his research project


With the awards, Seth Cotlar will continue research for his book.

Willamette Singers achieve global recognition through DownBeat award


The jazz group gains global recognition for second straight year.

Altman tests muscles' reaction to vibration


His experiment suggests myosin, a motor protein, is behind muscles' unusual behavior.

Professor Andrea Stolowitz earns second Oregon Book Award


Visiting English professor Andrea Stolowitz earns recognition for her play, "Ithaka."

Courtney Stevens recognized in "40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire"


NerdScholar recognized Courtney Stevens in its "40 Under 40: Professors who Inspire."

Six faculty members achieve tenure


The promotions take effect for the 2015-16 academic year.

Biologist explores the science behind owl attacks on Salem runners


Biologist explores the science behind owl attacks on Salem runners after an encounter with an avian hat-burgler nicknamed “Owlcapone” in Bush’s Pasture Park.

History professor selected for CIC seminar at Yale University in June


Seth Cotlar is participating in a seminar on slave narratives at Yale University in June.

Amadou Fofana wins Mellon Fellowship at Duke University


Amadou Fofana has been awarded a Humanities Writ Large fellowship at Duke University.

Math Department promotes team building through NSF research grant


A National Science Foundation grant is funding undergraduate mathematics research.

Remember poetry


In "Poetry," Chasar considers the vanishing memorized poem.

Grant supports student archaeology research at the Ness of Brodgar


M. H. Wiener Foundation helps students unearth new finds in Scotland.

Alumnus, visiting English professor nominated for Oregon Book Awards


An alumnus and visiting English professor were both nominated for their plays.

Willamette University

University Communications

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Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.